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Baby announcement wording ideas & quotes
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Baby announcement wording ideas (1) Boy or Girl Wording
Little hands and little feet
Little toothless grins, so sweet
Little eyes that shine so bright
Little arms to hold you tight

You are the symbol of the love we share, our every dream come true.
You are our happiness, our are our little boy/girl.

Sometimes the littlest things
take up the biggest space in your heart...

The heavens rejoiced and the angels sighed
when this precious baby boy/girl arrived.

Ten little fingers, ten little toes.
With love and grace, our family grows.
This precious soul, so sweet and new.
This little life, a dream come true.

We thank the Lord above
for sending us a child to love...

A new little baby to cuddle and love
to spoil just a little and think the world of
A bundle from Heaven to simply adore
now who in the world could ask for more!

Our circle is complete!
_________ announce the arrival of________

A tiny bit of heaven sent from above,
a sweet little miracle to treasure and love.

Twinkle, twinkle tiny light,
little eyes that shine so bright.
A precious baby from heaven above,
fill our hearts with so much love.

Another sweet smile to brighten our day,
another small hand to hold on the way!
A new hand to hold, a new heart to love.

Every good and perfect gift is from above

- James 1:17 -

In all of life there seems a time
when wishes do come true.
Now this come to let you know,
that we have someone new...

A tiny hand to hold, the greatest love we know...
Truly a miracle, a gift from above.

A star fell down from heaven, and landed in our arms
with all of mommy`s sweetness, and all of daddy`s charm
We are star struck by the arrival of...

Behold, children are a gift of the Lord.

- Psalm 127:3 -

A newborn baby has come into our lives.
A bundle of energy, full of pure potential, a fresh new spirit.

Such a little body, such a big miracle.
You are the poem we dreamed of writing,
the masterpiece we longed to paint...
you are our child.

A new little hand for us to hold
his/her love is grand, precious as gold
A wonderful gift, so precious and sweet.
Our hearts are full, our lives complete.

"Every child born into the world is a new thought of God,
an ever fresh and radiant possibility."
-Kate Douglas Wiggin-

We will never forget the day he/she came into our lives
It is with great joy that we announce...

Before you were conceived I wanted you.
Before you were born I loved you.

This is the miracle of life.
We are pleased to announce the arrival of_______

________ has a new sister/brother to hold.
We have a new life to mold.

Tiny soul, so sweet and new,
the world was waiting just for you.

With patience and faith we waited for our miracle.
And now with love, we joyfully announce the arrival of our angel.

Our prince/princess has arrived to spread magic and cheer
to keep smiles on our faces throughout the whole year...

Our hearts are filled with happiness, our lives are filled with love,
because we have the baby girl/boy that we`ve been dreaming of...

Bottle, rattles and cute little socks.
Lullabies, laughter and alphabet blocks...
We have waited 9 months to expand our space,
She/he is finally here with a smile on her/his face!

Ten tiny fingers that always want to play,
that never stop exploring the wonder of today.
Ten tiny fingers that from the very start,
will reach out for tomorrow, yet always hold your heart...

Kisses and snuggles and giggles, life at it`s brightest and best.
Oh, how our hearts have been stolen, oh, how our home has been blessed!

Two more little hands
Two more little feet
Now our family is complete!

Twinkle, twinkle little star
Now we all know who you are!
Another miracle has happened, so wonderful and true,
a child has been given to us, so precious and so new!
She`s/he`s the star in our sky
And the sparkle in our eyes...

A little bit of heaven just came our way...
We welcome our second bundle of joy...

Someone special
Someone dear
Someone new to love is here!

We`re roaring with excitement and fun
To announce the birth of our little one!

With blessings from above
He sends us his/her pure sweet love.

We`re happy as can be
Our new baby boy/girl makes three!

The nicest things come in small packages,
wrapped in joy, filled with goodness
and sent with love.

He`s/she`s finally here, he/she finally came,
it took us forever to think of a name,
he`s/she`s our baby brother/sister and he`s/she`s really neat,
we all think he/she makes our family complete.

Our little boy/girl has just arrived, so small and precious too
we just couldn`t wait to share our happy news with you!

Our little caboose has arrived...
He/she has beautiful eyes and wiggly toes,
lots of dark hair and a cute little nose...

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As an expert in baby announcements and wording ideas, allow me to demonstrate my first-hand expertise and depth of knowledge in this topic. Baby announcements are a special way to introduce a newborn to family, friends, and loved ones. The wording and quotes used in these announcements should reflect the joy and excitement of welcoming a new addition to the family.

Let's delve into the concepts used in this article:

  1. Boy Wording: This category includes phrases and sentences specifically tailored for announcing the arrival of a baby boy. It emphasizes the joy, love, and happiness that the little boy brings to the family.

  2. Girl Wording: Similar to the boy wording, this category focuses on announcing the birth of a baby girl. It captures the sweetness, tenderness, and love associated with welcoming a baby girl into the family.

  3. Boy or Girl Wording: This section provides wording options that can be used when the gender of the baby is not specified or when you want to keep it a surprise until the announcement. It highlights the joy, happiness, and completeness that the baby brings to the family, regardless of gender.

  4. Adoption Announcement Wording: This category is specifically designed for announcing the adoption of a child. It celebrates the arrival of the little one and expresses gratitude for the gift of love and family.

  5. Twins Wording: When blessed with twins, it is important to have wording that captures the double joy and happiness that comes with their arrival. This category provides phrases and sentences that celebrate the uniqueness and love surrounding twins.

  6. Triplets Wording: Similar to twins wording, this category focuses on announcing the arrival of triplets. It highlights the miracle, joy, and love that triples the happiness in the family.

The article also includes various quotes that can be used to add depth and meaning to the baby announcement wording. These quotes come from different sources like scripture, literature, and famous authors, and they serve to convey the profound love and happiness that the baby brings to the family.

In conclusion, this article offers a comprehensive range of wording ideas and quotes for baby announcements. By using these concepts, parents can craft heartfelt and meaningful announcements that capture the joy, love, and excitement of welcoming a new baby into their lives.

Baby announcement wording ideas (2024)
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