The Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Historia - Flip eBook Pages 51-100 (2024)

The sketches started with images of small fish laughing, darting about, and having fun. We decided on the design of the standard Parella with what looks like small pieces of coral on its head. The leader of the Parella who guides Link has a larger coral on her head, which she uses as a key to unlock a door. —Kaneko, designer The Parella he hantom Zora We originally planned to have a race that closely resembled the Zora, but we were told to design a more primitive race, and the idea was rejected. mage of a seas ell combined wit an octopus. Head area radiates lig t. drawing of a jellyfis , combined wit elements of a dress. ooks like a deep-sea fis (large eyes) ifferent color lluring. ooks like an ancient fis . ike a monkfis ells embedded. 48

Eldin Volcano t is an area of active eruptions, and over half the land is covered in lava. That’s the reason that there are many firetinged monsters living there. The ogma, who are excellent diggers and move underground, also live there. yes close like a uman’s We wanted to allow the player to have fun with differences in elevation, so we immediately decided to add mountains. In the primitive volcanic belt lie ruins that have slowly lost the battle with time and have the reputation of being infested with Bokoblin monsters. The dungeon design was based off Southeast Asian architecture and coloring, which is why you see extensive use of vibrant, primary colors. —Fujibayashi, director / Shirai, designer Eldin Volcano official visual ldin the Fire ragon One of the three dragons, he is the protector of Eldin Province. He lives a secluded and hermetic life at the top of the volcano. itting crosslegged agma is flowing ire cales lattened out ffect obe kirt oot oot looks like a carnivorous dinosaur’s ot connected 49

Scaldera This monster torments Link in the Earth Temple. It began as a typical rock but was given life through Ghirahim’s magical power. Earth Temple official visual Fire Sanctuary official visual Fire Sanctuary Earth Temple 50

The Mogmas We wanted the Mogmas to be a race of burrowers. Despite being tenacious treasure hunters, they are surprisingly timid. They actually have a very developed culture. In the initial designs, they looked a bit more human. (laughs) —Hirono, designer Guld final version Bronzi final version Plats final version Silva final version Ledd ogma elder orcelain pots alks wit confidence est carried on back overflows wit treasure. deas for t e ogma leader He keeps t e safe locked tig t but does not know w at is inside. (He believes it is a great treasure.) mamori protective c arm ey ring t e bell if t ey get lost underground oy irl ig t ack ny sort of item can be retrieved from inside t e sack lbino version ale emale kin kin Hair Hair 51

Lanayru Desert widespread, arid area. ong ago it was lush with greenery, but several hundred years ago, it began a sudden transition into desertification. efore it was a desert, ancient robots were used here to mine a powerful ore known as imeshift Stone. We were thinking about creating an area that drastically transformed from one landscape to another and thought, “What would be a fitting landscape to show a dramatic change?” We decided on a desert that used to have plant life and a great sea. In the Lanayru Sand Sea area, the dungeon has fairy-tale qualities, so we decided to make the dungeon a ship that floats over the desert. We also wanted it to be mobile, which is another reason that we decided on a ship. —Fujibayashi, director / Shimizu, designer Lanayru Desert official visual 52

he ower to ontrol ime With this talk of controlling time, one can’t help but think of Ocarina of Time. The ocarina is the same color as the Timeshift Stones. Could they be made of the same material? With the activation of the Timeshift Stones, this area transitions between the present and the past, and we were tasked with using this theme in a desert. First, we thought about how the game play would work with this time change, and from there, how that change could keep the game interesting without sacrificing game play. —Shimizu, designer Stone statue designs Timeshift Stone designs Pedestal Portable Ore Pedestal Portable Ore Past Past Present Currently inserted. Pattern appears when cut. Popular now. Popular now. No pattern. When the ore is dim. 53

Lanayru Mining Facility he hou and-Year racha oldarach A monster that inhabits the inner depths of the mining facility. It is said that when an Aracha lives for a thousand years, it becomes a Moldarach. Lanayru Mining Facility official visual Protrusions designed for climbing. It’s OK to add or remove. Top-down view Either make it crumbled so it is 4 m or shorter, or make it possible for the player to climb on the fallen stones. Either make it crumbled so it is 4 m or shorter, or make it possible for the player to climb on the fallen stones. Make 4 m or less so it can be climbed. Make 4 m or less so it can be climbed. Make 4 m or less so it can be climbed. Mining Facility image 54

Ancient H arbor Skipper’s Retreat Skipper’s boat final version Shipyard Over 4 m so it cannot be climbed. Please make the gate the same as in the shipyard. Skipper’s Retreat 55

entalu The boss fight on the Sandship. Tentalus is a giant octopus monster, designed with tentacle hair that’s hard not to notice. Pirate Stronghold Sandship 56

Pirate Stronghold hunder ragon ana ru One of the three dragons, he is the protector of Lanayru Desert. He looks forward to someone finding him and accepting his challenge. We wanted to create a robot but did not want it to come across as cold and lifeless, so we decided to make it look more like a clay figurine. After we had the general direction, everything else came together rather quickly. —Hirono, designer Ancient Robot Ancient Robot final design Q: Should the eyes sparkle? Desert NPC After transition Arms are connected to body by some mysterious energy *(need effects) (Is the white area odd?) Ordinarily has no nails Only those that dig would have these nails. From above Ominous . . . Regarding hands Before transition (in the desert) • Arms and wheel are in pieces • Head area is broken lig tning effect adiating a bluis w ite (flickering) yes closed eard and cloud areas are polygons, and appear to be spread out. cales are not clear. kin like an eel. it out beard. lmost t e entire face is idden. 57

Silent ealm and wilight Collecting the glowing Sacred Tears in the Silent Realm harks back to Twilight Princess, where the Tears of Light are assembled within the Vessel of Light in order to resurrect the spirits within. Silent Realm The Silent ealm is a spiritual realm. nly those who have been chosen by the goddess are allowed to enter. n order to complete the aster Sword, ink must brave hitherto-unknown challenges in a mysterious world that remains closed to outsiders. The Guardians were designed to be the guardians of the goddess, so their clothes are covered with designs that reference the Triforce. While we wanted them to be scary, they are not evil, and so we decided to give them neutral expressions. —Kiuchi, designer Guardian final version Watcher final version Spirit Vessel final version Same robe as the Watchers Shiny cloth Black areas are grooves, lower than the white metallic areas. *Mask parts float independently of each other. *Material is the same as the Guardians’ robes. 15 buds Stem grows in a loose spiral Individual parts Size comparison 58

The dark colors make it look like a crow, so to distinguish it, we gave it the shape of a cormorant. Monsters That Haunt the Surface ot all residents of the Surface are friendly. Some are the subordinates of the demon kings from ancient wars. Since the demise of the demon kings, their numbers have multiplied, and now they are destroying the Surface. Keese Fire Keese final version Dark Keese final version Thunder Keese final version Hrok final version Furnix final version Guay final version Threats of the Sky Furnix design Whip hooks onto the tail feather here. Four-wing type A gorgeous bird that looks like it came from paradise. Back Back Front 59

Dark Vanguard Their initial designs looked pretty cute, but we realized that if they looked too cute, it took the fun out of attacking them. So, in order to make them look scarier, we sharpened their teeth and made their eyes smaller and narrower. Once we had the design for the first Bokoblin, the other types were developed from there. They are important players in many different places. —Kiuchi, designer Red Bokoblin final version Blue Bokoblin final version Green Bokoblin final version Technoblin final version Cursed Bokoblin final version Hide Horn Hide ade from bone urly arge orn ierced ear at skull laws iraffe 60

volution o the and o oblin The Bokoblin and the Moblin are familiar enemies who have appeared in other Zelda games. Their appearance and the weapons they carry have evolved, but regardless of the timeline, they never stop attacking Link. Wind Waker Bokoblin Ocarina of Time Moblin Moblin final version Dark Lizalfos final version Lizalfos final version The Lizalfos carries his shield on his arm. We wanted to keep in mind which direction he’s facing when he strikes with his armored arm so that the player can attack from the opposite direction. For variety, we made left- and right-handed versions. —Kawanishi, designer bout t e elmet perfect fit. aybe even too tig t. ( emporary reference model) oblin from t e back e back of t e scarf is s aped like a triangle. lot texture / armband same as a okoblin arc er’s e belted area is fine and s ould look similar to t e ooden ield oblin. ( attern on pants is t e same.) bout t e s ield ront view ear view crew lot e andle is an iron rod attac ed wit screws. 61

he ighl daptable ctoro Throughout the series the Octoroks haven’t changed much. In Skyward Sword the versatile Octoroks imitate plants, but in Ocarina of Time they are found in watery locations. This adaptability might answer the question of how they have been around for so long . . . Life Lurking across the Land When designing the Deku Baba, we kept in mind the player’s ability to make both vertical and horizontal attacks in this game and incorporated that into the design to make fighting them more fun. We think that’s one of the reasons Mr. Miyamoto liked it. When designing monsters, I think it is best to keep it simple and functional. In order to show the Spume getting ready to spit magma, we thought it would be funny to make its body inflate, so we designed it with a froglike appearance. —Kawanishi, designer Ocarina of Time Spirit Tracks Deku Baba final design Octorok final design Skulltula Spume final design Skullwalltula final design • Except for the underside of the abdomen, the body is covered in a hard, beetlelike exoskeleton that cannot be broken by swords. • The weak spot in the abdomen is jellylike and glows like an energy core. akes a deep breat ree successive s ots!! 62

With Zelda games, we usually start kicking around an idea for the monsters first and design based on that. The Ampilus is a unique example—the design came from the idea of a shell that could easily traverse the desert quicksand. The weak spot on Moldorm’s rear end is modeled after a honey ant. The juice that sprays out from the weak spot when struck by a sword was based on an obsession of the effects designer’s. (laughs) —Kawanishi, designer Ampilus final version Pyrup final version Froak final version Cranioc (Faron Woods flooded level) final version Moldorm final version ChuChu Cranioc final version Aracha final version Pyrup Design Like a mudskipper When it is out of the water, it can move quickly by jumping around. If it goes into its shell, then it moves around slowly by making smaller leaps. Shell type A (side opening) Shell type B (top opening + side opening) dditional polygons ake t e scalelike areas wit polygons. pots spread out from t e center lines of eac limb, giving t e figure dept . * ere are too many lines in t e center spiral. ake t em line up wit t e outside area. 63

Stal o ’ ran ormation In Ocarina of Time, the Stalfos have simple armor, a sword and a shield, but in Wind Waker they each carry a giant club. Their equipment changes with each title. Perhaps they wield the preferred weapon of their time. The Dead Warriors As a Stalfos’s physical stamina is depleted, he loses rib bones, until all that is left is his spine. Scervo is an ancient pirate robot. We paid close attention in creating him to make sure this wasn’t too confusing or distracting. There is an alternate version of Scervo named Dreadfuse, where his pirate hat is simply switched with a crown. —Kawanishi, designer Stalfos Stalmaster final version Scervo final version Dreadfuse Ocarina of Time Wind Waker Bigger bones compared to other designs It has four arms, which are used for protection Equipped with swords Rear Size comparison Exterior of cape is same deep red color as clothes Whip grasps sword at the handle. B Hair, whiskers, and chest hair are not hair, but their own solid bodied objects. 64

Remnants of an Ancient Civilization Magical Beings Magmanos final version Staldra final version Beamos final version Sentrobe final version Armos final version Model 1 Model 2 Stabilized mode Tread mode Beamos Designs Beamos design plan #1 Beamos design plan #3 Beamos design plan #4 Beamos design plan #5 Beamos design plan #2 Static type and mobile type are basically the same, with the difference being the addition of wheels. Basic wheel design Link is about this tall? L nk s about his a l? L nk is about this tall? Link s about th s ta l? Mobile type Static type 65

A special illustration created for the twenty-fifth anniversary. From the beginning to Skyward Sword, all the Links are here! 66

The is ory of yrule A Chronology

A Chronology of Hyrule, Land of the Gods Era Chapter (When a chapter is not named, the story refers to a transition between two chapters) Unknown details between eras Additional information Link’s Crossbow Training BS The Legend of Zelda This is an introduction to the history of Hyrule, told chronologically, which weaves together the numerous Legend of Zelda stories. Is it a legend? Is it an accurate history of a cycle of rebirth? There is evidence that the story of The Legend of Zelda begins with Skyward Sword. Up to this point, the legends of Zelda have been surrounded by myth and mystery, but now, with the help of the following information, you will be able to discover for yourself the real history of Hyrule. The History of the Cycle of Rebirth and the Triforce Befo e yo delve any f e n o s ap e , ead s. Weav ng H s o y Ho o Read e C on les o es o In l ded n e C on les nd e He o all Be Called “ nk” . . . This chronicle merely collects information that is believed to be true at this time, and there are many obscured and unanswered secrets that still lie within the tale. As the stories and storytellers of Hyrule change, so, too, does its history. Hyrule’s history is a continuously woven tapestry of events. Changes that seem inconsequential, disregarded without even a shrug, could evolve at some point to hatch new legends and, perhaps, change this tapestry of history itself. The heroes of these chronicles all share the name Link. These Links might have been the same person, a series of familial descendents, or a number of heroes with different names entirely. The Links of certain eras may also have been named after the legendary hero. Hylian princesses bearing the name Zelda have also appeared throughout the history of Hyrule. It is likely that the name was handed down through the generations. . . . This is a telling of tales, passed on through the ages by humans . . . The series contains a few spinoff games, such as Link’s Crossbow Training, that have not been included in these chronicles. 68

The Ancient Battle and the Reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia A Return to the Surface The Rise of the Evil Vaati The Resurrection of Ganon The Demon Thief, Ganondorf, Is Executed The Shadow Invasion Ganondorf Is Resurrected Demon King Malladus Is Resurrected The Reincarnation of Ganondorf The Resurrection of Vaati Ganondorf Is Resurrected Hyrule Is Sealed and Then Flooded The Resurrection of Ganon The Resurrection of Ganon The Resurrection of Ganon Is Prevented The Resurrection of Vaati The Sacred Realm Becomes the Dark World Ganondorf Becomes Demon King Ganon Creation The Creation of the Land and Sky The Sacred Realm Is Sealed The Establishment of Hyrule Kingdom Hyrulean Civil War Adult Era The Imprisoning War The Monarchs of Hyrule Use the Triforce The Tragedy of Princess Zelda I New Continent Discovered A New Hyrule Kingdom Is Founded Child Era Ganondorf Is Sealed Era of Light and Dark Twilight Era Era without a Hero Era of the Great Sea Era of the Great Voyage Era of Hyrule’s Rebirth Shadow Era Golden Era Era of Decline The Sacred Realm Remains Protected Skyward Sword The Minish Cap Link’s Awakening A Link to the Past Majora’s Mask Twilight Princess The Wind Waker Spirit Tracks Phantom Hourglass Four Swords Adventures Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons The Legend of Zelda The Adventure of Link Four Swords Ocarina of Time Era of the Goddess Hylia Sky Era – Era of Chaos Era of Prosperity Force Era Era of the Hero of Time (Child Era/Adult Era) C onology of e H s o y of Hy le The chronology begins with the creation of heaven and earth, immediately followed by the events of Skyward Sword. It splits after Ocarina of Time, with one timeline depicting the events that follow Link’s triumph over Ganon, and the other his defeat. The section of the timeline where Link triumphs is further divided into two separate realities: the Child Era, where Link returns to his original time, and the Adult Era, where the Hero of Time disappears and Ganondorf is free to return unopposed. T e egend of e oddesses and e He o (P. 70) T e e l ne of Hy le and e as He o (P. 92) T e TWI I HT R M TH C TH H R (P. 110) T e He o of W nds and a e Wo ld (P. 122) T e He o Is efea ed T e He o Is T p an 69

The Legend of the Goddesses and the Hero This world was created by the three goddesses. They did not intend to unite the regions of this world but instead let the inhabitants have free rein of the land. In this world, the three goddesses left behind the omnipotent Triforce . . . The Creation T e Wo ld C ea ed y e oddesses T e ega y of e ods: T e T fo e T e T ee oddesses This world was created by the three goddesses during a time of chaos. Din, the goddess of power, created the land. Nayru, the goddess of wisdom, created order. Farore, the goddess of courage, created the diverse inhabitants. Upon leaving the world, the goddesses left behind the Triforce: three golden triangles. It is said that any wish the possessor of the Triforce desires will come true . . . The golden goddesses departed from the world they created and left the Triforce in care of the goddess Hylia. It is unknown why the Triforce was left behind. T e n po en T fo e The Triforce grants wishes to those who touch it. Since the Triforce does not distinguish between good or evil, it allows both good and bad wishes. A strong heart, innate ability, and a balance of the three virtues (power, wisdom, and courage) are required to be granted a wish. If one who does not possess the balance of the three virtues touches the Triforce, its three pieces split apart. The finder is left with the piece that personifies what he or she values most. The other two pieces will appear on the hands of two individuals, chosen by the will of the goddess. One must reunite the three pieces in order to obtain true power. Din, Nayru, and Farore each left a crest behind. Each of these symbols—the crests of power, wisdom, and courage— can be found in a location related to its respective goddess. The creation The three golden goddesses Crest of Din Crest of Nayru Crest of Farore The three goddesses and the statue of the Triforce The Triforce T e T fo e of e oddesses / a na of T e C ea o n 70

T e and of Hyl a The center of the world, where the Temple of Hylia was built. This is where the goddess Hylia gathered the surviving humans onto a plot of land and sent them into the sky. It is here, also, where the Demon King was sealed away, which is why the land became known as the Sealed Grounds and the Temple of Hylia as the Sealed Temple. The Demon King Demise The Temple of Hylia The Sealed Grounds The goddess Hylia and the Surface tribes Impa The Ancient Battle T e oddess Hyl a and e n en Battle ealed n e and of e oddess e se During the era of the goddess Hylia, many demons arose in pursuit of the Triforce. The leader, Demise, the Demon King, tried to take over the world with his evil powers. After a battle against the demonic forces, Hylia gathered the humans who had survived, along with the Triforce, onto a plot of land and sent it into the sky. She positioned a heavy barrier of clouds between the island in the sky and the land below to protect the humans and the Triforce. The goddess and the remaining tribes on the Surface battled for their lives against Demise. They were victorious, and they sealed him away. The land was saved, but the seal that kept the Demon King imprisoned was weak. In an attempt to destroy Demise, the goddess Hylia tried to use the power of the Triforce. However, a goddess cannot wield its power. Thus, the goddess Hylia decided to renounce her divinity and be reborn as a human. With Hylia’s passing, Impa of the Sheikah tribe was entrusted with watching over the sealed prison of the Demon King until she returned. It is said that Demise, the most evil of all evil, who commands enough power to destroy the world, appears in each era and looks different to each person who sees him. His ultimate goal is to obtain the Triforce and take over the land with his demonic minions. T e e ka T e One of the tribes that serve the goddess Hylia. They are blithe individuals chosen by the goddess to watch over the sealed Demon King. This role is passed on from one generation to the next. T e Clo d Ba e The thick, vast expanse of clouds placed between the sky and the land, sealing them away from each other. No one is allowed to pass from one place to the other. T e UR C TRIB Nonhuman tribes, such as the stoneeating Goron. ra of e oddess Hyl a ky a d o d 71

kylof and e egend of e oddess T e evelop en of kylof The plot of land Hylia sent into the sky became known as the Isle of the Goddess. The islands in the sky where the surviving humans dwell became known as Skyloft. There the humans lived with guardian birds, known as Loftwings, given to them by Hylia. Only a few individuals on the Surface knew of the existence of the goddess and Skyloft. After a few thousand years, their story was forgotten and became legend. During the ancient battle, the humans had no choice but to flee the Surface to survive. On Skyloft, they developed a militia and slowly built up their strength. Gaepora, the keeper of the legends that had been passed down through his family, built the Knight Academy. Gaepora brought kendo training and Loftwing riding together and established the order of the knights. Isle of e oddess The area on the Surface where Hylia gathered the humans, rent the earth, and sent them into the sky. Depictions of the Triforce and what would later be known as the Sage Medallions can be seen on the ceiling of the entrance to the temple. When the land was split from the Surface, half of the temple was as well, along with half of the depictions of the six medallions. kylof Skyloft is connected to the Isle of the Goddess by a bridge. It is a paradise with springlike weather year round. T e egend eepe s The keepers of the legends protect the secrecy of the ancient documents about the Surface and the Goddess Sword, which is located in the Statue of the Goddess. Isle of the Goddess Skyloft Remains of the temple Gaepora Characters on the Gate of Time T e lp a e These characters date back to the time when the goddess Hylia was governing the land. They can be found on the pedestal of the Statue of the Goddess and on various buildings on the Surface. They are ancient and are now impossible to interpret. ky ra ky a d o d 72

T e oddess Hyl a’s Re n a na on e on o d ra n g ade y As the seal of Demise, the Demon King, began to weaken, a human girl was born. That girl was named Zelda, and she was the goddess Hylia reincarnated. Zelda grew up to be a beautiful woman who was chosen to play the role of the goddess for the Wing Ceremony at the Knight Academy. Skillfully handling his rare Crimson Loftwing, Link was victorious in his year’s Wing Ceremony and so won the honor of performing the ceremony of the goddess opposite Zelda. Around the same time, Demise sent his follower Ghirahim to the Surface, where Ghirahim gave himself the title of lord. Through secret plotting and scheming, he unleashed demon hordes on the land in an attempt to find the goddess and resurrect the Demon King Demise. Ghirahim finally found Zelda in the sky. He produced a tornado that penetrated the clouds and caused her to fall to the Surface. A school dedicated to training young students to become knights. The honor students become the Rescue Knights. Their duties include saving people who have fallen from the islands in the sky and patrolling at all hours upon a Loftwing. The students who pass the Wing Ceremony become seniors and are given uniforms. Each year the uniforms are a different color. In the twenty-fifth anniversary year, when Link becomes a senior, the uniforms are green. T e W ng Ce e ony T e Ce e ony of e oddess The exam that allows students to academically advance in the Knight Academy. The one who rides their Loftwing skillfully enough to obtain the bird statuette before the others becomes the champion and advances to their senior year. e on o d ra A master sorcerer, Ghirahim can teleport and summon demons. The champion of the Wing Ceremony receives the gift of the Sailcloth from the individual playing the goddess. The Sailcloth is used at the end of the ritual, when the winner demonstrates their courage by leaping off a precipice and opening the cloth at the last moment to glide safely to the ground. The goddess role is played out just as it always has been since ancient times. This year, the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Knight Academy, the Sailcloth is given to the champion atop the Statue of the Statue of the Goddess Goddess. Zelda Ghirahim Senior uniform Rescue Knight ky ra ky a d o d 73

T e p de and e He o lg age of elf- s ove y Following the path of his destiny in the legend passed on to Gaepora, Link was guided to the Goddess Sword enshrined within the Statue of the Goddess. In order to find Zelda, Link was escorted by Fi, the spirit of the sword, down to the land of legend. Link’s quest began as he plunged through the clouds holding the Sailcloth given to him by Zelda . . . After her fall from the heavens, Zelda, now on the Surface, was rescued by an old woman. The old woman told Zelda that she was the reincarnation of Hylia and needed to cleanse herself in the temples of the sky and the earth. Understanding her destiny, and clothed in the garments of the goddess, Zelda set off for the Skyview and Earth springs. At the Earth Spring, Zelda was captured by Ghirahim’s henchmen, the Bokoblins, but saved by Impa, of the Sheikah tribe, whose responsibility was to protect the reincarnated goddess. T e oddess o d The sword kept inside the Statue of the Goddess, within the Chamber of the Sword. The goddess Hylia left the sword and its spirit, Fi, to guide the Hero. The sword and its legend have always been protected by Gaepora’s family. Legend has it that when evil returns to the land, the sword will begin to glow and can be drawn by the chosen hero. a en s of e oddess The same white dress that the goddess Hylia wore. It has been told that the harp also once belonged to the goddess. T e ld Wo an She has been the protector of the Sealed Temple for thousands of years. She is actually the same Impa that saved Zelda, but of this era. Zelda Fi Link and the Goddess Sword Zelda, just after the fall The old woman Map of e fa e The Surface is divided into three regions. Each region is named after one of the dragons, Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru, who protect the Sacred Flames. A thick forest grows in the Faron region. The Eldin area is volcanic, and Lanayru is a desert, though it was previously a lush, green landscape. ky ra ky a d o d 74

Zelda’s Re n o e as B ef n o n e Zelda prayed at the two springs, purifying herself and regaining her memories as the goddess Hylia. In order to strengthen the seal that imprisoned the Demon King Demise, Zelda attempted to return to the ancient era from the Temple of Time in the desert. However, Ghirahim found her. Link showed up just in time. He fought with Ghirahim, protecting Zelda and Impa while they entered the Gate of Time. Upon entering, Impa destroyed the gate so that Ghirahim could not follow them to the ancient past. After passing through the Gate of Time, Zelda and Impa arrived at the Sealed Grounds in the ancient past. Link, using the second gate, followed them there. Zelda told Link that in order to strengthen the seal imprisoning Demise, she must slumber in the Sealed Temple. The Surface became stable and Skyloft flourished. Thousands of years passed. T e T o p ngs When Zelda purifies her body in Skyview Spring and Earth Spring, dedicating her prayers to the Statue of the Goddess, her memory of being Hylia returns. ky a d ke The power collected by pointing the sword skyward. When the Goddess Sword becomes the Master Sword, its powers are enhanced and it emits a great light. oose o e A young man of Skyloft who comes down to the Surface looking for Zelda. The sacred power the gods gave to the world. It’s the breath of life itself. The Earth Spring The Temple of Time Zelda praying nk Be o es a T e He o The other Gate of Time, located at the Sealed Temple, was broken. As the seal holding the Imprisoned began to break, Link and his comrade Groose held the monster back. All the while, Link continued with his task of tempering the Goddess Sword in the Sacred Flames of the Golden Goddesses. Imbued with the immense, sacred power of the Force, the Goddess Sword was transformed into the Master Sword. To reactivate the Gate of Time, Link pointed his sword skyward, charging it with energy and readying it for a Skyward Strike! Sword gaining the power of a Sacred Flame The Gate of Time Zelda falls asleep ky ra T o sands of ea s go ky a d o d 75

The Triforce The crest of the Triforce Ghirahim T e es on of e se Re n o e fa e T e C es of e T fo e T e R al and I pa After returning to his own era, Link found the legendary Triforce. He became worthy of its omnipotent power upon the completion of a number of trials, at which time he received the crest of the Triforce. He was granted his wish: the Statue of the Goddess returned to its former place in the Sealed Grounds, where it destroyed the Demon King Demise. After thousands of years of sleep, Zelda awoke. Ghirahim and Zelda Demise T e Res e on of e e on ng e se The enraged Ghirahim kidnapped Zelda and took her through the Gate of Time. After arriving in the past, Ghirahim performed the ritual to resurrect the Demon King Demise. Link followed, battling and defeating Ghirahim, but he was too late. Demise was reawakened! After an intense battle, Link defeated the demon. Upon his termination, the Demon King’s hatred was absorbed and sealed in the Master Sword. The demons on the Surface no longer terrorized its inhabitants. Zelda and the others returned to the present time. The atmosphere was peaceful and there was a feeling of a new beginning. Zelda resolved to live on the Surface and to protect the Triforce. However, the destruction of Demise was not the end of the battle. It was the beginning of a curse: a never-ending cycle of the reincarnation of the Demon King, whose hatred for those with the blood of the Goddess and the spirit of the Hero is everlasting. The proof of the complete power of the Triforce appears as marks on the back of the hand. The top triangle represents power, the bottom left represents wisdom, and the bottom right represents courage. Once the bearer of the three triangles attains a perfect balance of the attributes they represent, the true power of the Triforce is revealed. To resurrect the Demon King, his loyal follower Ghirahim must sacrifice Zelda, releasing the goddess Hylia’s spirit. Ghirahim’s true form is the evil spirit of Demise’s sword. Fi’s role as Link’s guide is complete. The Master Sword and its spirit, Fi, are returned to their resting place in the pedestal inside the Statue of the Goddess. Impa returns to the past and continues to look after the Master Sword and protect it from the curse. ky ra T o sands of ea s go ky ra ky a d o d 76

Crest of the goddess Hylia Crest of the kingdom of Hyrule The Seal of the Sacred Realm T e ngdo of Hy le T e s a l s en of Hy le ngdo C es of e Royal a ly Created by the Golden Goddesses and protected by the goddess Hylia, the world eventually became known as Hyrule. The Hylians, descendents of Hylia, lived in Hyrule and possessed magical abilities. After years of peace, a wave of chaos once again engulfed the land. The descendents of the goddess Hylia, who was reincarnated as Princess Zelda, established the kingdom of Hyrule and became Hyrule’s royal family. In order to protect the Triforce, Hyrule Castle was built in the center of Hyrule, where the Temple of Time was located. The royal family watched over the Triforce, keeping its existence unknown to others. Many members of the royal family were born with special powers because of the lineage that connected them to the goddess. Princesses were repeatedly given the name Zelda, a name that came from the historical legends. Temple of Time Te ple of T e The only entrance to the Sacred Realm’s Temple of Light, the Temple of Time shares the same name as the temple in the Lanayru Desert of the Era of the Goddess Hylia. It is thought that Rauru built the Temple of Time directly over the ruins of the Sealed Temple. The goddess Hylia had a birdlike crest, and the people of Skyloft rode giant birds. The crest of the royal family incorporates the historically important bird, as well as the three triangles of the Triforce. Door of Time T e Battle fo e a ed Real The legend of a supreme power spread throughout the land, whetting the appetites of those who would possess the Triforce and inciting vicious battles between them. Rauru, the Sage of Light, constructed the Temple of Time, which contained the only existing entrance to the Sacred Realm, where the Triforce was located. With power stronger than both time and the Master Sword, Rauru sealed the Sacred Realm. The pedestal holding the Master Sword was closed behind the Door of Time, and the keys to opening the door (the Spiritual Stones of forest, fire, and water) were protected by their respective people. The Triforce was placed in the Temple of Light, located in the Sacred Realm, which was now isolated from Hyrule. Protecting the Triforce in the Temple of Light, Rauru became the guardian of the power of the gods. Rauru Many ea s a e ra of C aos ra of ospe y Many ea s a e a na of T e 77

The Picori and the Light Force T e He o of Men T e o d- g ng To na en and e o Blade In the first major event to happen since the kingdom of Hyrule was established, the world was engulfed by evil beings and shrouded in darkness. It was then that a tiny Picori descended from the sky bringing a golden light and a sword. Using the sword, the Hero of Men sealed the evil beings away in the Bound Chest and brought peace to the world once again. The golden light was the Light Force. Legend said that every hundred years, a secret door would open up, and the Picori would pass through and enter the world of the humans. The customs of the Picori Festival had continued for many, many years. Among them was a sword-fighting tournament. The awards ceremony was held in front of the Picori Blade and was the only chance to see the blade. T e Royal a ly and e o After sealing away the evil beings, the royal family of Hyrule became the careful overseers of the sword, which became known as the Picori Blade. Furthermore, the royal family kept the existence of the land of the Picori, the Minish Realm, hidden. In gratitude to the Picori, the people held a Picori Festival once a year. The legend of the Light Force Picori The sword-fighting tournament’s awards ceremony T e g o e A source of infinite power from the heavens that holds the enormous power of the Force, which originally dwelled in all things. T e o d- g ng To na en A tournament that happens during the Picori Festival at Hyrule Castle. The champion of the tournament is customarily presented with an award in front of the Picori Blade. o e ra T e M n s Cap 78

Unexpe ed v l a e o es val For the one hundredth year of the Picori Festival, there was an unusually grand celebration. In the customary swordfighting tournament, an unknown man named Vaati was the victor. Vaati believed the Light Force was in the Bound Chest. He broke the Picori Blade to unseal the chest and found that it did not contain the Light Force at all. The evil that had been sealed inside poured forth from the chest. Vaati turned Princess Zelda into stone and headed off in search of the Light Force. Mee ng lo On his way to the Picori’s home in the Minish Woods, young Link met Ezlo, a man suffering from a curse. Link came to learn that Ezlo had been a Minish sage and Vaati had been his apprentice. When Vaati put on the Mage’s Cap made by Ezlo, he gained evil powers and cursed Ezlo by changing him into the shape of a cap. Vaati Princess Zelda T e e e of e o The curse placed on Princess Zelda could only be broken with the sacred power of the Picori Blade. The tribe of the Picori, also called the Minish, were the only ones able to fix the Picori Blade, and they could only be seen by children. Therefore, Smith, the great blacksmith, proposed that the king of Hyrule enlist the help of the young Link. The king told Link where the Minish dwelled. Then, with the broken Picori Blade and the Smith’s Sword in hand, Link set off in search of their land. Link Ezlo Vaati, as a simple Minish n ess Zelda T e v l o e e a a The princess of Hyrule, said to have mysterious powers. Afraid Princess Zelda will get in his way, Vaati turns her into stone. and nk Smith is a blacksmith and Link, his apprentice. Smith makes an impressive sword that is to be given to the winner of the sword-fighting tournament. Link and Princess Zelda are childhood friends who are both in attendance at the tournament. Originally the Minish sage Ezlo’s apprentice, Vaati courted the evil within the hearts of humans and eventually fulfilled his wish of becoming an evil sorcerer. Vaati believes that the Light Force is kept within the Bound Chest sealed with the Picori Blade. He takes part in the sword-fighting tournament to get close to it. Vaati Reborn and the Four Sword Training o e ra T e M n s Cap 79

T e M n s llage and e o le en s aa ’s Ta s Feeling responsible for Vaati’s actions, Ezlo teamed up with Link and set off for the portal to the Minish Village. The Minish were so tiny they could easily fit into the palm of a grown human’s hand. When Link entered the portal, he shrank down to their size and gained entry to the Minish Village in the woods. In order to break the curse on Zelda, Link needed to repair the Picori Blade and use its sacred power. There were four elements hidden around the world that Link needed to obtain and then place on the pedestal in the Elemental Sanctuary to restore the sacred power to the blade. Still on a quest to obtain the Light Force, Vaati took control of the king of Hyrule and had him order his soldiers to search for the Light Force. Vaati learned from the legend of the Wind Tribe that when the Four Elements were collected and placed in the Elemental Sanctuary, a holy sword would be born, and the path to the Light Force would open. Knowing that Link was collecting the Four Elements, Vaati waited until a time when he could take the elements from Link. T e and of e M n s The Picori are a tribe of tiny people. Link becomes the size of a Minish and enters their realm, a land most people would not be able to locate. Being very tiny has its disadvantages for Link; weak goblins and enormous enemies alike stand in the way of his quest. A small puddle seems like a massive lake. For a tiny person, the dangers are many. Minish Portal Picori and Link Link and Ezlo Wind Tribe Gust Jar Mole Mitts T e o le en s The Four Elements are crystalline forms of the spiritual energy that exists in the world—earth, fire, water, and wind. In order for Link to collect all Four Elements, he must utilize specific items to accomplish his goals, some of which are similar to the ones used by heroes of the past. T e W nd T e The Wind Tribe originally lived on the land. After mastering the wind, they moved their palace up into the sky. They live even higher than the clouds, and the winds carry news of everything to them. The land that they left behind became known as the Wind Ruins. They can ride the wind to travel back and forth between the sky and the land. o e ra T e M n s Cap 80

After collecting all of the Four Elements, Link placed them on the sacred pedestal. The Picori Blade became infused with sacred power and transformed into the Four Sword, which gave the wielder the ability to split into four identical copies of himself. Simultaneously, a door beyond the pedestal opened, revealing the legend that the Light Force dwelled within the princess Zelda, generation after generation. T e le en al an a y T e Mage’s Cap The battle between Link and Vaati’s Wrath brought Hyrule Castle down around them. Ezlo gave the Mage’s Cap to Princess Zelda, who, with the small amount of Light Force left within her, made a wish to restore Hyrule to its original condition. Not long after, the door to the Minish Village began to close, but before it shut, Ezlo presented Link with a green cap and then returned to the Minish Village. T e le en al an a y The Elemental Sanctuary is a sacred place that human adults are unable to see. The entrance is located within the garden of Hyrule Castle. It holds the pedestal of the Four Elements and contains the secret of the Light Force. T e Mage’s Cap The Mage’s Cap was originally a gift for the humans made by a Minish named Ezlo. It grants the wish of its wearer. The stronger the heart of the wearer, the greater the power the cap exhibits. The Elemental Sanctuary Legend of the Light Force The Minish Ezlo and Princess Zelda making a wish The legend of Link aa ’s Wra After Vaati followed Link and learned about the Light Force, he took Princess Zelda to the roof of the castle and, little by little, extracted what he could of the Light Force from her body in order to transform himself. Link stopped the ritual, but Vaati was still able to use the power of the Light Force to transform into Vaati’s Wrath. Using the power of the Four Sword, Link destroyed Vaati’s Wrath and broke the curses on Princess Zelda and Ezlo. The battle with Vaati’s Wrath o e ra T e M n s Cap 81

Peace was fleeting in Hyrule. Vaati, presumed dead, suddenly reappeared, and terror returned to the land. Vaati occupied the Palace of Winds and kidnapped every beautiful young woman in Hyrule, one by one. That was when the Hero, carrying the legendary Four Sword, appeared. Tapping into the sword’s power, the Hero’s body split into four, and the combined power of the Heroes was enough to defeat Vaati. Vaati was sealed in the Four Sword and enshrined in the Elemental Sanctuary. Link witnessed the resurrection of the evil Vaati. Shortly after, a fairy appeared to Link and instructed him to draw the legendary Four Sword. As he did so, he split into four. The Great Fairies said that they could help Link get to the Palace of Winds, but he first had to prove his courage by defeating dangerous foes and collecting rupees. T e eal Is B oken For generations, Princess Zelda and her descendents looked after the sealed Four Sword, but a day came when the seal began to weaken. When Princess Zelda went to check on the seal, it broke. Vaati escaped his prison, kidnapped Zelda, and took her to the Palace of Winds. T e Res e on of e W nd Mage T e o e of e o o d a a , e W nd Mage T e He o of e o o d Vaati, who has no memory of his life as a Picori, goes on a mindless rampage. With the ability to manipulate the wind, Vaati calls himself the Wind Mage, and takes over the Palace of Winds. Not much is known about the origin of this hero, but it is possible that he is a descendent of the Link who defeated Vaati previously. T e dnapped n ess Zelda Vaati kidnaps Princess Zelda to make her his bride in commemoration of his resurrection, not to obtain the Light Force. The sealed Four Sword Princess Zelda The four Links o e ra o o ds / o o ds dven es o o ds 82

After the Links collected rupees from the three regions protected by the three Great Fairies, and earned the titles of “little eggs,” “brave heroes,” and finally, “the greatest of heroes,” the Links were given the keys to the Palace of Winds, now known as Vaati’s Palace. After earning the keys, Vaati’s Palace appeared, and the four Links set off to confront the Wind Mage. The four Links confronted Vaati in the depths of the palace. Using their combined power, the four Links attacked Vaati, defeated him, and rescued Princess Zelda. Vaati was again sealed into the Four Sword, and the Four Sword was returned to its proper place in the pedestal. With the power of the Four Sword once again dormant, the four Links merged back into a single body. Princess Zelda and the people of Hyrule again kept a strict watch over the seal. T e o He oes T e ala e of W nds Reappea s T e T ee ea a es The Great Fairy of Forest protects the region known as the Sea of Trees. The Great Fairy of Ice protects the Talus Cave, and the Great Fairy of Flame protects Death Mountain. The Great Fairies Vaati T e Reg ons o e ed y e ea a es The regions protected by the three Great Fairies are the dense forested area called the Sea of Trees, the frozen Talus Cave, and the volcanic Death Mountain. o e ra o o ds 83

Hyrule Kingdom in Chaos Hy le, ng lfed y e es of Wa , and e ngdo Un ed o dden o es Map of e ra The war in Hyrule raged unabated for countless eras. In the midst of the confusion, a lone woman fled the fires of war, babe in arms, and escaped to the Forbidden Forest. She entrusted her child to the spirit of Kokiri Forest, the Deku Tree. The Deku Tree, sensing that the infant’s destiny was intertwined with Hyrule’s future, took the child in. Once the child’s mother had breathed her last, the babe was raised as a Kokiri. This boy would later become Link the Hero. The fighting was eventually quelled by the king of Hyrule, and the entire land was unified under his kingdom. This is the name given to Kokiri Forest and the Lost Woods by the humans living outside its leafy borders. Adults lost among the trees turn into Stalfos, while children turn into Skull Kids; both are doomed to wander the woods. B ef Tranq l y The scars of war faded from Hyrule, and it seemed that, at last, the world was at peace. Ganondorf, leader of the Gerudo, the people of the desert, once again swore fealty to the king of Hyrule. However, Ganondorf ’s true aim was the Triforce, said to lie somewhere within the kingdom. Seeking the three Spiritual Stones necessary to open the gateway to the Sacred Realm, he carried out his plots in secret, in every corner of the land. Hyrule Castle is located within Hyrule Field, which lies at the center of the kingdom. To the northeast, Death Mountain erupts continuously. To the east is the forest; to the south, Lake Hylia. The west is home to Gerudo Desert. The terrain doesn’t differ much from that of the Era of the Sky. Stalfos Skull Kid Deku Tree Kokiri Forest Hyrule Castle ra of e He o of T e a na of T e 84

Those Chosen by the Triforce T e op e ea of e v ne n ess op e y n a ea I pa T e a y T e Boy ed y e a y nk’s Travels and e ok T e When she was little, Princess Zelda of Hyrule was chosen by the gods to wield divine power. One day, the destiny of Hyrule was revealed to the princess in a dream: Ganondorf sought the Triforce that rested in the Sacred Realm, and was liable to destroy the world . . . Princess Zelda knew the truth, but her father, the King of Hyrule, didn’t believe what the prophecy had foretold. Princess Zelda and her companion, Impa, took it upon themselves to keep a close eye on Ganondorf during his visit to the castle. From the farthest reaches of the desert came a man who shrouded the kingdom of Hyrule beneath dark clouds. Out of the darkness, the light of salvation appeared in the shape of a boy led by a fairy. Princess Zelda’s attendant. One of the last surviving members of the Sheikah tribe, who have served the royal family since ancient times. Navi the fairy was sent by the Deku Tree to serve as Link’s guide. She partners with Link, aiding him on his adventure. In the midst of these events, Princess Zelda received a visitor from Kokiri Forest: A young boy led by a fairy. Link had obtained one of the three Spiritual Stones that served as the key to opening the Sacred Realm. Princess Zelda, a strong believer in the dream’s prophecy, realized that she needed to locate the Sacred Realm before Ganondorf did, and use the power of the Triforce to bring about his downfall. She entrusted Link with the task of finding the two remaining Spiritual Stones. Each member of the Kokiri tribe possesses his or her own fairy partner. Though they never grow up, it is said that they will die upon leaving the forest. Because Link was Hylian by birth, he did not have his own fairy. However, on the fateful day Link set out on his journey, the Deku Tree sent Navi the fairy to his side. The green clothes Link wears are characteristic of the Kokiri. Impa Ganondorf the thief Princess Zelda Princess Zelda and Link, the boy from the forest Kokiri tribe The Deku Tree and Link ra of e He o of T e ( C ld ra) a na of T e 85

anondo f’s Re ell on T e T ee p al ones T e oo of T e Is pened While Link collected the three Spiritual Stones, Ganondorf launched an attack on Hyrule Castle. This extreme measure was an attempt to steal the Ocarina of Time, a treasure of the Sacred Realm under the protection of the royal family. With the help of Impa, Princess Zelda escaped from the castle. Spotting Link, the princess tossed him the Ocarina of Time, praying that he would protect the Triforce. There are three Spiritual Stones, each representing one of three elements: forest, fire, and water. The first is the Kokiri’s Emerald, guarded by the Deku Tree. The second is the Goron’s Ruby, guarded by the Goron tribe. The third is the Zora’s Sapphire, guarded by the Zora. In order to obtain the stones, Ganondorf placed a curse on the Deku Tree and Jabu-Jabu, the guardian deities of forest and water, and threatened the Goron tribe. The shape of each Spiritual Stone resembles its tribe’s symbol. Link restored the three Spiritual Stones to their places in the Temple of Time, and opened the Door of Time by playing the ocarina. The legendary Master Sword that lay behind the door served as the final key to the Sacred Realm. Ganondorf, apprised of Link’s movements, invaded the Sacred Realm to lay his hands on the Triforce. However, only the Triforce of Power remained, as the Triforces of Wisdom and Courage had scattered, seeking those with the ability to wield them. Princess Zelda flees Ganondorf appears before Link The Ocarina of Time The Master Sword Link draws the Master Sword The Spiritual Stones of forest, fire, and water, and the tribal symbols of each. Jabu-Jabu T e a na of T e Protected by the royal family, the Ocarina of Time is one of the keys to the Sacred Realm. It can play songs capable of manipulating both time and space. Its blue-white radiance brings to mind the Timeshift Stones found in the eras of antiquity. T e Mas e s o d A sacred blade that cannot be touched by the wicked, it harbors the power to eradicate evil. The sword can only be drawn by one who is worthy of the title “Hero of Time.” Link proves his power, wisdom, and courage by obtaining the three Spiritual Stones. ra of e He o of T e ( C ld ra) a na of T e 86

a k Clo ds Beg n o ns o d Hy le T e o ng He o Beg ns H s leep The Sacred Realm is a mirror that reflects the hearts of those who set foot in it. An evil heart will turn the realm into a living hell. A pure heart will transform it into paradise. Using the Triforce of Power, Ganondorf became the Demon King. The Sacred Realm was distorted into a nightmarish world where demons ran amuck. Hyrule Castle and Castle Town fell under Ganondorf ’s control, and the survivors fled to Kakariko Village. Meanwhile, despite the fact that Link was worthy of drawing the Master Sword, his youthful body made him unfit to serve as the Hero of Time. Accordingly, the Master Sword sealed Link within the Sacred Realm. Within the Temple of Light, the cornerstone of the Sacred Realm, the ancient sage Rauru watched over Link in a small area called the Chamber of Sages. Link, guarded by Rauru, slept for seven long years. Princess Zelda had no choice but to wait for the seal on Link to be broken. In order to escape the Demon King’s pursuit, she went into hiding by disguising herself as a boy of the Sheikah tribe and adopting the name Sheik. Sheik A sign reading “Kakariko Mura,” meaning “Kakariko Village” in Japanese. ka ki ku ke ko ma mi mu me mo a i u e o ha hi fu he ho sa shi su se so ra ri ru re ro ta chi tsu te to ya yu yo na ni nu ne no wa wo n Kaepora Gaebora ka ko llage A secret ancestral village founded by the Sheikah tribe. Princess Zelda’s attendant, Impa, was raised here. The graveyard behind the village contains the Royal Family’s Tomb, where Hyrule’s bloodstained history of ceaseless conflict is written. The sage who created the Temple of Time in eras long past. Before Link drew the Master Sword, Rauru took on the form of an unusual bird named Kaepora Gaebora, watching over the boy as he progressed in his adventure. Hyl an n T s ra This Hylian syllabary is characterized by its wedgelike shapes. It is possible to decipher the Hylian characters using the chart on the right by matching them to their Japanese equivalents. ra of e He o of T e ( C ld ra) a na of T e 87

T e He o akens nk’s Beloved Ho se pona and on on n T e ons of e He o of T e Wielding the Master Sword in his left hand and carrying the Hylian Shield in his right, Link returned as an adult. When Princess Zelda played her harp, she imparted her wisdom to Link. She instructed the hero to break the curse on each of the five temples and awaken the sages within. In Hyrule Field sits Lon Lon Ranch. It is run by its lazy owner, Talon; his daughter, Malon, who enjoys singing; and their ranch hand, Ingo. Ever since Link was young, he has had a special affinity with the horse called Epona. In the Adult Era, Ingo falls under the control of an evil mind, and forcefully takes over the ranch from its owners. However, Link manages to win Epona from him in a successful wager. Link, the Hero of Time, spurred his horse across the land and traveled through time, breaking each temple’s curse. Receiving medallions from the awakened sages, he gradually added their power to his own. The Hylian Shield Link and Sheik play a song together A battle with Volvagia inside the Fire Temple Link gallops across the fields Link and Epona Talon Malon Ingo e k’s Ha p T e Hyl an eld Playing her harp, Princess Zelda teaches Link special songs that guide him to the temples. An indestructible shield decorated with the same design that was favored in the Era of the Goddess Hylia. It is strong enough to withstand fire and cannot be broken. T e ages’ Medall ons Medallions imbued with the power of the awakened sages. With each medallion he obtains, the Hero of Time attains even greater power. ra of e He o of T e ( d l ra) a na of T e 88

T e x ages e Res o ed Re n on n ess Zelda o ons, e eople of e, and Zora, e eople of Wa e Rauru was the Sage of Light, who had continued his vigil over the Sacred Realm since time immemorial. Saria of the Kokiri tribe was the Sage of the Forest. Darunia of the Goron tribe was the Sage of Fire. Princess Ruto of the Zora tribe was the Sage of Water. Impa, Zelda’s attendant, was the Sage of Shadow. Nabooru, the chivalrous thief, was the Sage of Spirit. At last, all six sages had been restored. Princess Zelda was the leader of the sages and the seventh sage. She bore the Triforce of Wisdom on her hand. Once the right moment had arrived, Sheik revealed his true identity to Link, confessing that he was actually Princess Zelda. The princess intended to draw Ganondorf into the abyss, whose seal had been rent open by the six sages. She would then use her own power to close it off from the outside world. In order to do this, however, Princess Zelda would need the might of Link the Hero. The Goron tribe, who guard the Spiritual Stone of Fire, is a group of rock eaters that make their home on Death Mountain. In this era, their leader is Darunia. The Zora tribe, who protect the Spiritual Stone of Water, live in Zora’s Domain, located at the headwaters of Zora’s River. The tribe was unified by a ruler known as King Zora. The king Link meets in this era is known as Zora De Bon XVI. His daughter is Princess Ruto. Ruto Nabooru Saria Darunia Princess Zelda Twinrova (after combining) Goron tribe Zora tribe Princess Ruto King Zora a a, e o es age The only Kokiri who really understands Link. She sees the truth, realizing that he is not a member of the Kokiri tribe. Saria used to sit in the depths of the forest, playing her ocarina. Her special spot was actually the entrance to the Forest Temple. a n a, e e age The leader of the Goron tribe. He has a fiery personality. Impressed by Link’s courage, he names his son after the hero. R o, e Wa e age Princess of the Zora tribe. She was aided by Link in the Child Era and Sheik in the Adult Era, eventually awakening as a sage. a oo , e p age A chivalrous thief of the Gerudo tribe. Because she opposes Ganondorf, she is brainwashed by his surrogate mothers, the pair called Twinrova. ra of e He o of T e ( d l ra) a na of T e 89

T e e s ve Battle anondo f Transfo ng n o e e on ng anon Ganondorf, who had placed Link under surveillance, kidnapped Princess Zelda and brought her to his castle. He attempted to lure Link there also, seeking the final piece of the Triforce. The Triforce of Power possessed by Ganondorf, the Triforce of Wisdom borne by Princess Zelda, and the Triforce of Courage that dwelt within Link . . . Once the three pieces were united, they would resonate together. At last, the time had come for the battle with Ganondorf. Link was victorious in his one-on-one battle with Ganondorf. However, the thief used the last of his power to transform into a demonic, evil beast. The Demon King Ganon cornered Link and Princess Zelda. Link vs. Ganondorf Ganondorf ’s chamber Kotake and Koume Gerudo alphabet If the Hero of Time is defeated, a different timeline will unfold. (Turn to page 92.) T e e on ng anon anon’s Cas le The castle that once belonged to Hyrule’s royal family is occupied by Ganondorf, who transforms it into a sinister fortress. Though it is protected by a complex barrier, Link, wielding the power of the sages, advances to the highest floor, where Ganon lies in wait. Though “Ganon” is also a nickname for Ganondorf, here it refers to the beastlike form adopted by the thief following his transformation. The Demon King resembles a giant boar. T e e do T e: eople of e ese A group of thieves that inhabit the Gerudo Desert. The tribe bears only female children, who occasionally wander into Hyrule to search for boyfriends. Their customs decree that a male child, born to the tribe once every hundred years, will be crowned their king. Ganondorf was raised by Kotake and Koume, a pair of twin witches called Twinrova. Twinrova worship Ganondorf as the Demon King. It could be said that the sisters, who have lived for over four hundred years, rule the tribe from behind the scenes. Ganon ra of e He o of T e ( d l ra) a na of T e 90

nk e He o Is o o s ea e Re ns o Hy le Following a fierce battle, Princess Zelda entrapped Ganon with waves of light, and Link delivered the finishing blow. The six sages completed the task by imprisoning the beast in a sealed void that had been rent in the Sacred Realm. Thus, the curtain fell on the battle for Hyrule. Seven years earlier, Princess Zelda had mistakenly allowed Ganondorf to enter the Sacred Realm in her attempt to maintain control over the holy domain. In order to right her wrongs, she played the ocarina, returning Link to his original era and allowing him to regain the seven years that had passed while he remained sealed. Peace had been restored to the land of Hyrule, but its return marked the parting of Link and Princess Zelda. Link delivers the finishing blow The sages’ seal Ganondorf is sealed The Deku Tree Sprout Link returns the Ocarina of Time For the timeline that unfolds following the Hero of Time’s return to the Child Era, please turn to page 110. For the timeline that unfolds following the Hero of Time’s departure from the Adult Era, please turn to page 122. anondo f Is ealed ay Hy le a ea e Ganon, having lost the battle, is sealed away, along with the Triforce of Power. Though he has regained his human form, Ganondorf ’s intense animosity toward Princess Zelda, Link, and the sages will bring about disaster in eras to come. A large crowd gathers at Lon Lon Ranch to celebrate. In Kokiri Forest, the Deku Tree Sprout takes root, and the world begins to return to a state of purity. The life of the time-traveling hero caused the chain of history to branch off in multiple directions. rom this point onward, the chronology of Hyrule diverges dramatically. This marks the end of “The egend of the ods and the Hero of Time.” A cyclical tale arose from an ancient battle . . . ra of e He o of T e ( d l ra) a na of T e 91

The Decline of Hyrule and the Last Hero f all possible outcomes, ink, the Hero of Time, faced defeat at the hands of anondorf. The thief obtained the three pieces of the Triforce, transformed into the emon ing, anon, and continued to threaten the world in future eras. The conflict surrounding the Triforce continued without end, the blood of the gods weakened, and the kingdom of Hyrule shrank to a shadow of its former glory. The Demon King Obtains the Complete Triforce T e He o of T e’s efea T e even ages eal a ay e e on ng Ganondorf the thief obtained the Triforce of Power and managed to get his hands on Princess Zelda. The Hero of Time, Link, challenged him in a battle that would determine Hyrule’s very existence, and lost. At last, Ganondorf found himself in the possession of the Triforce of Wisdom that dwelt within Princess Zelda, and the Triforce of Courage that dwelt in Link. His true power achieved, he transformed into the Demon King. The Seven Sages of Hyrule, led by Princess Zelda, sealed Ganon and the Triforce in the Sacred Realm as a final resort. Link vs. Ganondorf ra of e He o of T e ( d l ra) a na of T e 92

Rivals embroiled in the conflict surrounding the Sacred Realm Princess Zelda. In her veins flows the blood of the goddess Hylia. The Seven Sages seal the Sacred Realm T e n g s of Hy le The Knights of Hyrule are a clan that protect the Royal Family, their members descended from the Hero who governed the Crest of Courage. Legend has it that the Hero will one day reappear within their ranks. Looking back through the ages, it is possible that Link, the Hero of Time, was once a Hylian Knight himself. This may be the reason his mother became embroiled in the fires of war. T e I p son ng Wa T e a ed Real Is ealed y e ages T e Hyl an Bloodl ne Weakens For a brief time, it seemed as though peace had returned to the kingdom. However, there were many who knew of the existence of the Triforce and the entrance to the Sacred Realm because of the events set in motion by Ganondorf. Their lust aroused, they rushed to gain access to the holy land in their quest to obtain the power of the gods. Little did they realize that the Sacred Realm had been transformed into the Dark World by Ganondorf ’s evil heart. None returned from their adventures. Instead, only the power of darkness flowed forth. The king of Hyrule ordered the Seven Sages to seal the Sacred Realm. The Knights of Hyrule guarded the sages as they offered up their prayers, but demons descended upon them from within the Sacred Realm, and a fierce battle unfolded in which the majority of the combatants were killed. The entrance to the Sacred Realm was sealed once again, tight enough that it should never have been reopened. Until the era of the Hero of Time, the kingdom of Hyrule was mostly inhabited by the Hylian people, whose existence was linked to their goddess, Hylia. Hylians possessed a special power: it was said that their long ears allowed them to hear the voices of the gods. However, the kingdom fell into ruin during the Imprisoning War, and the bloodline of the Hylians weakened with the ages, until their existence was naught but a thing of the past. The sages’ power also waned, and Hyrule, once called the Kingdom of the Gods, became nothing more than an ancient legend. Many ea s a e nk o e as 93

Though the power of the Triforce and the blood of the Hylians continued to wane, Hyrule remained at peace. That is, until the appearance of a man who sought to break the seal on the Sacred Realm, which had been transformed into the Dark World. He was a priest who went by the name of Agahnim, and he wielded powerful magic. Agahnim sent the king to an early grave. Putting the soldiers of the kingdom under his spell, he kidnapped the maidens in whose veins flowed the blood of the Seven Sages. One by one, he sacrificed the girls, sending them to the Dark World, and was about to offer up Princess Zelda as well. The Princess of Light and the Knights’ Descendents T e v v ng n g s of Hy le Link and his uncle are descendents of the Knights of Hyrule. Link, said to be one of the last surviving Knights, possesses the qualities of the mythical Hero. The death of the king of Hyrule Link hears the voice of Princess Zelda Link takes up the sword Agahnim the priest n ess Zelda The princess of Hyrule, and one of the maidens whose veins carry the blood of the sages. For generations, her line has possessed a mysterious power. Princess Zelda (casual dress) ga n A priest of darkness who plunges Hyrule into chaos. In truth, he is an offshoot of Ganon, sent forth from the Dark World. Agahnim holds Princess Zelda captive T e es ’s lo s n ess Zelda Calls fo Help Princess Zelda, imprisoned in the dungeon, sent out a telepathic cry for help. It was the young boy, Link, and his uncle, who lived together near the castle, who heard her plea. The two were the last surviving members of the Knights of Hyrule. In order to rescue Princess Zelda, Link’s uncle entered the castle. However, he was defeated by the guards and entrusted his sword to Link, who followed after him. Princess Zelda imprisoned ra of g and a k nk o e as 94

a asra la An elder of Kakariko Village, Sahasrahla is a descendent of the Seven Sages. He is well versed in the legends of Hyrule and aids Link on his adventure. T e Moon ea l A jewel that repels magic. It protects the bearer from the evil power of the Demon King who controls the Dark World, and prevents any transformation to the bearer when they cross into the Dark World from the Light World. T e Mag M o A clear, blue, beautiful mirror. It can be used as a means to return to the Light World from the Dark World. Res ng n ess Zelda T e a o e a k Wo ld T ose os n e a k Wo ld Link rescued Princess Zelda from the dungeon and escaped to the Sanctuary using a hidden passage. The Loyal Sage at the Sanctuary agreed to shelter Princess Zelda, and Link left on a quest to seek the Master Sword that he would need to defeat Agahnim. Link paid a visit to the Sage Sahasrahla and obtained the Pendant of Courage. He then had to acquire the other two Pendants of Virtue in order to prove his worth as the Hero, the one capable of wielding the Master Sword. Agahnim sent the Seven Maidens, in whose veins flowed the blood of the sages, to the Dark World. This opened the passage to what had once been the Sacred Realm. Those who stepped on the Magical Warp Tiles that served as entrances would be lost to the Dark World, transformed into demons. Link, who possessed the qualities of the Hero, did not become a demon, but was instead turned into an animal (in this case, a pink bunny). He managed to obtain the Moon Pearl, which prevented him from being transformed while in the Dark World, and the Magic Mirror, which allowed him to return to the Light World. During his travels between the two worlds, Link comes into contact with souls lost within the Dark World. There, he bears witness to the tragic fate of those who have disappeared from the Light World. Blind the Thief, who lived in hiding in Kakariko Village, now inhabits the Village of Outcasts in the Dark World. He attempts to mislead Link. The boy who once played his ocarina for the animals has been transformed into a creature resembling a fox. Link finds the boy’s ocarina and plays it for him. The boy asks him to play the same song for his father, and turns into a tree. Finally, he can rest in peace. Princess Zelda and Link make their escape A Magical Warp Tile leading to the Dark World Remembering the boy who played the ocarina (translated as “flute” in the English version) Link is transformed into a bunny ra of g and a k nk o e as 95

one Mon en s T e eal of e even ages Is B oken T e Mas e o d, sleep n e o es Instructions for how to obtain the three pendants are written on stone monuments. The information is rendered in an ancient Hylian script. To decipher it, one must acquire the Book of Mudora from Kakariko Village. T e os Woods The Master Sword was once stored within a temple, but the temple decayed and turned into a forest. T e yra d of o e An enormous structure at the heart of the Dark World. Its location parallels that of Hyrule Castle in the Light World. Link entered Hyrule Castle, only to see Agahnim send Princess Zelda to the Dark World, right before his eyes. The seal of the Seven Sages had been broken. Link took on Agahnim, managing to corner the priest, but was pulled into the Dark World. At last, the seal on the Sacred Realm had been broken, and a passage to the Dark World had opened in Hyrule Castle. Link obtained clues regarding the whereabouts of the pendants from the stone monuments scattered about the land, and was thus able to acquire the Pendant of Wisdom and the Pendant of Power. He then drew the Master Sword from its pedestal in the forest. However, Princess Zelda, who had taken shelter in the Sanctuary, was found by the castle guards and brought before Agahnim. T e g Wo ld (T e fa e Wo ld) A world of life where the people of Hyrule dwell. Hyrule Castle stands at its center. It was created by the hands of the gods, its soil abundant with plant life and water. The Pyramid of Power A possessed Hylian soldier The Master Sword, asleep in the forest The ancient script Link’s battle ra of g and a k nk o e as 96

T e Ba e a o nd anon’s To e Res ng e Ma dens T e nal Battle n e yra d A force-field barrier was erected around Ganon’s Tower to defend it against intruders. If the passage to the Dark World were to widen, the Demon King Ganon would emerge into the Light World once again. The only way to prevent this was to defeat Ganon and take back the Triforce. Link traveled back and forth between the worlds. His first task? Rescuing the Maidens that had been sacrificed to the Dark World. He saved Princess Zelda last. The princess succeeded in breaking the barrier around Ganon’s Tower using the power of the sages. Link then defeated Agahnim, who attempted to block his path, and made his way toward Ganon. The pyramid was now set to serve as the site of the decisive battle. Ganon, in the form of a giant demonic beast, pressed his attack, wielding dark magic and a three-pronged trident. Link, evading the power of darkness, succeeded in destroying him. The Hero laid his hands on the Triforce and wished for peace to return to the world. The people who had been sacrificed, including Link’s uncle and the king of Hyrule, were also restored to good health. The Triforce once again rested in the hands of Hyrule’s royal family. With Ganon suppressed, the Dark World that had been born of his wicked heart gradually faded away. The battle with Ganon Princess Zelda T e a k Wo ld (TH Unde o ld) The Sacred Realm, once home to the Triforce, was plunged into darkness by Ganondorf ’s wicked heart. It could also be thought of as the Underworld counterpart to the Light World. ra of g and a k nk o e as 97

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