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Are you looking for an uncommon name for your baby boy? You have probably searched baby name books or browsed the Internet looking for the most suitable name for your baby. To make it easier for you, we have hundreds of uncommon boy names ideas here, to give you an inspiration on what to call your sweetheart.

As a parent, selecting your baby’s name is the first most important decision you will make. Your baby’s name will be a reflection of his personality and character. There are so many things to consider when selecting a name for your baby boy. Most importantly, make sure the first, middle names and last names match perfectly. If you are hoping to skip the popular baby boy names and go for something a bit more uncommon, this article will be a great help. Uncommon baby names are more in-demand these days than ever.

Here is our ultimate list of uncommon boy names, well-researched and nicely compiled. We have arranged the list in order of A to Z, to make it easier for you. So, no need to go elsewhere. Just go through the list carefully, and in a few minutes, you will find one or more names for your newborn.


Are you having a boy? Congratulations! Right away, you started dreaming about what parenting a little boy would be like, from the moment you first heard the news. Maybe you’ve already begun to paint his playroom in your mind and picked out all her coming outfits. Here is the uncommon list with the most common letter A; Abel, Ace, Adin, Adriel, Adyn, and Adley.

Aaro – mountain of strength

Abel – breath

Abelard – Brave Abel

Aberforth – Black or Dark

Abner – father Of Light

Acacio – thorny tree

Ace – unity

Achilles – thin-lipped

Adan – Of The Earth

Adelard – Brave noble

Adelbert – noble bright

Adetokunbo –crown came from over the sea

Adin – Beautiful Or Slender

Aditya – the sun

Adlai – God Is Just

Adler – eagle

Adley – heather field

Admon – Red

Adolph – Noble Wolf

Adonis – Lord

Adriel – God’s Helper

Adryan – from Hadria

Adyn – good-looking

Agustin – Majestic dignity

Alessio – defender

Alford – ford by the temple

Alfred – elf counsel

Algernon – With A Moustache

Aloi – quality

Alok – brightness

Alon – oak tree

Aloysius – Fame Warrior

Alphaeus – resourceful

Altair – falcon

Alvin – noble friend

Alwyn – Wise friend

Amachi – the child is a gift of God

Amadeus – love of God

Amador – male lover

Amarion – Populous

Amasa – Hardship

Ambrose – immortal

Ameico – work ruler

Amias – loved

Ammon – teacher

Amos – to carry

Anatole – rising sun

Anders – Manly

Andres – Manly

Angus – one strength

Arlo – Fortified hill

Armie – Home

Ashton – ash tree town

Atlas – to carry

Atticus – from Attica

Auberon – Noble Bear

Auden – old friend

Aurelius – Golden

Avery – ruler of the elves

Avi – Father

Axel – my father is peace

Aziel – Flower

Azriel – God Is My Help


Are you looking for a handsome rare name for your little son? If yes, you must choose a name that is both attractive and uncommon. However, these boy names can never lose the charm. So parents tend to return to following boy names starting with B that are both beautiful and meaningful. ; Baker, Barnard, Barry, and Basil.

Balthazar – Baal Protect The King

Barnaby – son of consolation

Baxter – Baker

Bennett – Little Blessed One

Benton – bent grass enclosure

Bishop – Guardian

Blaine – Yellow

Blaise – stutter

Blake – fair-haired

Bodhi – enlightenment

Booker – Bleacher

Bradford – From The Broad Ford

Bradley – Broad meadow

Branch – extension

Braylin – Combination

Braylon – Gift to god

Breckon – Freckled one

Brennon – prince

Brice – Swift

Bridger – Dweller By The Bridge

Broderick – From the broad ridge

Brookes – Brook

Brysen – descendant of Brice


As a parent choosing the dreamy boy name is a difficult task. Names beginning with the letter C sounds elaborate, decadent, unique, over the top. Whether you want a character to wish to steer clear of unusual, these are the best with a lavish feel today. Ex: Cain, Caiden, Caleb, Calix, Cairo, and Calder

Caius – Person Of Earth

Callum – dove

Camilo – helper to the priest

Carter – transporter of goods by cart

Casimir – Destroys Peace

Caspian – Of the Sea

Cassian – Curly-headed

Cayson – Courageous and tough

Cecil – blind

Clement – Merciful

Clinton – Town on a hill

Clyde – Scottish River

Coen – bold advisor

Cole – Victory Of The People

Coleman – dark skinned

Collins – holly

Constantine – Constant

Corban – raven

Cortez – Courteous

Cosmo – beauty

Cree – Tribe

Crew – A group of people

Crispin – Curly Haired

Cristiano – follower of Christ

Cyprien – man of Cyprus


Looking for a timeless uncommon name for your new baby boy. Those names are chic and classy. Let’s find out. Ex:- Dane, Dario, Dane, Daire, Dale, and Dante

Dale – Valley

Damari – Gentle

Dangelo – From the angel

Dario – possessing goodness

Darryl – Darling

Davon – The beloved

Dean – church official

Decker – Ditch Digger

Declan – man of prayer

Delano – from the forest of nut trees

Demarcus – son of Marcus

Denzel – from the high stronghold

Deon – God

Devan – Poet

Dewei – Of Great Principle

Dewey – Beloved

Dimitri – Earth-lover

Dion – child of heaven and earth

Donte – God Of wine and revelry


If you’re looking for a classic uncommon name for your little one, you have to browse it. Let your imagination run free. Names starting with E provides you with creative. So let’s have a look through the list of names. The following are the best. Edwin, Efrin, Ellen, Edrick, and Edison

Eagen – forceful

Eason – son of Adam

Edmond – Prosperous protector

Elian – the Lord is my God

Elihu – My God is He

Eliseo – God Is My Salvation

Ellio – The Sun

Ellis – The Lord Is My God

Elon – Oak Tree

Elvis – All Wise

Emrys – Immortal

Enoch – dedicated

Ernest – serious

Ethen – eternal

Everest – Strong and brave

Ezra – help


When most boy names dominate the playground, some parents long for the simple, elegant uncommon names from the past. If you’re prepared for retro for your bundle of joy, then look no further! Don’t you think it’s time that rare names made a comeback? Scroll through to see them all. Finn, Fergus, Fidel, Faber, and Faron

Fabian – Bean Grower

Finlay – Fair Hero

Finlo – A brave warrior

Finn – fair or white

Fitzgerald – son of Gerald

Flint – Stream

Flynn – son of the red-haired one

Ford – River Crossing

Fox – Fox

Franco – Frenchman

Franklin – free landholder

Freddy – Peace Ruler


Moreover, you’ve been busy imagining whether he’s going to acquire your strong will or your partner’s sense of humour. So, choosing your son’s right name is not an easy task, but we are here to help. We’re here to guide through a list of uncommon boy names, from popular to rare. Here we go Gavin, Gasper, Gael, Gannon, and Galen.

Gaige – pledge or oath

Gibson – Gilbert’s son

Gower – Pure

Grayson – Son Of The Grey-Haired One

Greyson – Son of Gray

Grover – From The Grove

Guthrie – From the windy place


Almost every name has a meaning. But sometimes more about the impact that a name gives and it’s less about what a name implies to people when they hear it. If you need influence on what to call your newborn baby boy, we have an exciting list of baby name ideas like Hadas, Hal, Halim, and Hamid.

Hadrian – dark-haired

Haiden – heather

Harold – army power

Hawk – falcon

Hayden – hedged valley

Helios – sun

Hendrix – son of estate ruler

Hernan – Adventurous

Horatio – Man Of Time

Houston – Hugh’s town

Howard – Heart Brave

Hubert – shining intellect

Hugh – Bright In Mind And Spirit


You are definitely in search of an unusual boy’s name. Look no besides, as the following list of names will satisfy your little one. Having a unique name smells like roses to everyone!. So it’s essential to pick a proper name carefully! Here are our unusual baby names list to admire you; Indio, Ingo, Iku, and Igor

Idris – interpreter

Ignacio – Fire

Ike – He laughs

Indiana – Land Of Indians

Inigo – Fiery

Ira – mighty men

Irvin – handsome

Isidore – Strong Gift

Ivan – God is gracious


Giving your son a unique name can be a bit of a challenge. You want a name that helps him stand out but not one that he’ll hate in a few years. Luckily, there are more specifically, boys’ names that are both unique and beautiful. Here are some; jack, Jace, Jafar, Jacob, and Jacek

Jabari – brave

Jaime – may God protect

Jakobe – he who supplants

Jaron – exalted

Jase – Healer

Jaxx – God has been gracious

Jay – To rejoice

Jaycob – Supplanter

Jaydan – thankful

Jayden – thankful one

Jaydin – thankful

Jaylen – thankful

Jaylon – calm

Jean – The Lord is Gracious

Jeramiah – God Will Uplift

Jericho – Moon City

Jermaine – Heart and soul

Jex – supplanter

Johann – God Is Gracious

Jolyon – Youthful

Joziah – Jehovah helps


As we shortlist names, you might be wondering what the best baby boy names are. Check out this carefully formatted list of the unique boy names, as you might find the best for your little one among these unique names. Such as Kaden, Kadir, Kai, Kaito, and kade

Kadon – companion

Kael – Slender

Kai – keeper of the keys

Kalen – slender or fair

Kamren – Successful

Kapono – Righteous

Keanu – Cool Mountain Breeze

Kendric – Greatest champion

Kendry – wise man

Kenji – Peace

Keon – King of Kings

Keyon – Guide

Kingsley – From the king’s field

Kit – bearing Christ

Kofi – Born On Friday

Kohen – priest

Kyan – Ancient


Whether you’ve acquired all the baby name books or have been keeping pages from all over the Internet, obtaining just the right name for your son can be as exciting as challenging and even excellent. Ex:- Lang, Lane, Lamar, Lakin, and Laal

Lake – Stream Of Water

Lathan – Farm by the water

Lawrence – man from Laurentum

Lawson – son of Lawrence

Lazer – God Has Helped

Leander – Lion Man

Lee – wood

Legend – Myth

Leighton – meadow town

Leon – lion

Leopold – brave people

Leroy – The King

Lex – warrior

Liev – Lion-like

Linus – Flax Colored

Lonnie – Noble

Lowell – Little Wolf

Loyal – Faithful

Luther – Army of the people

Lyle – the island

Lynx – brightness


Most parents want a memorable name for their baby, but few want that feeling that they chose the uncommon name for their sweet child. While we try not to judge one another’s choices as adults, the reality is kids can be harsh critics of each other, even in the early years, and an uncommon name could be rough on your kiddo as they grow up. Ex: Macon, Markland, Magnus, and mace

Maa – mother

Macon – marsh dweller

Maddox – son of Madoc

Maguire – son of the brown one

Major – Better

Maksim – The greatest

Malaki – Malaki

Marcellus – Young Warrior

Mariano – Warlike

Marion – From The Sea

Maro – myself

Maxton – greatest

Maynard – strength

Mercury – God Of Trade

Meyer – bringer of light

Micah – who is like the Lord

Miller – Mill Worker

Milo – gracious

Monty – Mountain of the ruler

Mustafa – The Chosen One

Mykel – who resembles God?


If you know you’re giving birth to a boy, you’ll probably want to start brainstorming some names for your future son. Heck, even if you don’t know your baby’s sex, you might want to lay out some options before their due date. Ex: Ned, Neil, Neilson, and Nemo

Nelson – son of neil

Nico – people of victory

Niles – son of Neil

Nixon – son of Nicholas

Noam – pleasantness


You could also practice your baby-naming cues from a particular culture, artistic celebrity, or collections of the most significant monikers, all of which have options that I don’t include Tom or Steve. Ex:- Oleg, Oliver, Omar, Osin, Ogden, and Olin

Octavius – eighth

Ollie – Elf army

Omar – Speaker

Orson – Bear Cub

Osiris – God Of The Dead

Osvaldo – God rules

Otis – Wealth

Otto – wealthy

Ozias – salvation


Are you looking for a name for a boy that’s a bit strange? We’ve placed together a list of unique baby names for boys. So, here are some of the most handsome names given to babies in recent years without any further ado. Ex:- Patten, Patrick, Paul, Paulo and Pavel

Pascal – Born on Easter

Patrick – nobleman

Patton – fighter’s town

Paul – Humble

Paulin – small

Pavel – Small

Pax – Peace

Paxton – Peacesettlement

Peder – Rock

Penn – enclosure

Peregrine – one from abroad

Perrin – Rock

Perry – Dweller By The Pear Tree

Pierre – Stone

Pierson – rock

Pilan – supreme essence

Platon – Broad Shoulders

Princeton – Princely Town


It’s always hard selecting out the perfect name for your little bunch of happiness. Picking a name or your baby is probably one of the most critical choices you’ll ever make. As they have to live with it for the rest of their lives, and you have to call them it forever. Ex:- Quentin, Qued, Quinn, and Qing.

Quentin – the fifth

Quillan – Cub

Quinby – From the woman’s estate

Quincy – estate of the fifth son

Quinn – descendent of Conn

Quinten – fifth


Although they’re less commonly used, some of the names on this list still follow recent trends. Ram and Rahul fit into the Roman and Greek trend, while Ragnar is part of the place-name trend. Biblical names are here and are creative spellings in the form of Raj, Rafael, and Rahm.

Radcliffe – Red cliff

Radman – generous

Raidon – Thunder god

Raleigh – From The Red

Ralph – Wolf Counsel

Randolph – House wolf

Ranen – Joyful

Ray – Counsel Protection

Reade – Redheaded

Redford – red ford

Redmond – Protector

Reese – Enthusiasm

Reeve – bailiff

Regan – Royal

Reggie – Mighty counselor-ruler

Reginald – King

Regis – Ruler

Rehan – Sweet Basil

Reuben – Behold

Rey – King

Reynolds – brave councilor

Rhodes – where roses grow

Riggs – Boy sent from the angels

Robinson – son of Robin

Roderick – famous ruler

Roland – Renowned in the land

Roman – Strong

Romulus – citizen of Rome

Ronin – well-advised ruler

Roscoe – deer forest

Ross – Headland

Rufus – red-head

Rush – basket weaver

Russell – redhead

Ryder – Knight

Rye – Island meadow


Looking at some of the names, not many parents give their boys the names associated with famous figures. These days, the trend of using unusual names is running strong. Parents are using these names more and more not out of obligation but because many formerly out-of-date names, like Sandro, Sandy, Samson, Sandeep are coming back around and sounding fresh and pretty to today’s young parents. So let’s ride.

Samson – Sun Or Service

Santos – Holy

Sawyer – woodcutter

Saxon – Dagger

Scout – to listen

Seamus – Supplanter

Seven – The Number 7

Shane – Gift from God

Shaw – dweller by the wood

Shen – Tooth

Sheridan – Long lived treasure

Shing – Victory

Shunnar – Bird

Silas – Three

Simon – the listener

Sivan – Third Month

Sky – Atmosphere Seen From Earth

Skyler – scholar

Slade – from the valley

Slater – Slate Worker

Slevin – muddy place

Smith – a worker in metal

Soterios – salvation

Spalding – divided field

Spencer – Dispenser of provisions

Stasio – Stand of glory

Steel – Hard working

Stellan – peaceful one

Stephan – Crown

Steven – garland

Stoke – place

Storm – tempest

Stoyan – to stand

Streling – Starling

Strom – Stream

Stuart – Steward Of The Estate

Sulaiman – Peace

Sumner – one who serves a summons

Sutherland – From the south


When naming children, parents take inspiration from various places, such as films, regions, religions, books, and family heritage. And when a particular name becomes too familiar, they choose to ignore that. As time passes, these names become so outdated that they are classified under a rare baby name list. Ex:- Tad, Tamir, Taras, Tave, and Ted

Tabari – he remembers

Tadi – Wind

Tai – great extreme

Tajo – Day

Talman – injured

Talos – talon

Tanek – immortal

Tanner – leather maker

Tano – sucker

Taro – First-born Son

Tate – cheerful

Taurin – Bull-like

Taylor – tailor

Teo – gift of God

Terence – Smooth

Thadddeus – courageous heart

Thai – Person Of Thailand

Thaman – Price

Thane – Warrior

Thanos – Thanos

Theo – Divine Gift

Theron – Hunter

Thierry – ruler of the people

Thomas – twin

Thor – Thunder

Thurston – Thor’s stone

Tibalt – People Bold

Tiernan – Little Lord

Timothy – honouring God

Tobias – God is good

Tobin – God is good

Todd – fox

Tong – Gift from God

Torin – the God of Thunder

Tovi – My Goodness

Tracy – war-like

Travers – to cross over

Tremaine – town built with stone

Trent – Thirty

Trevor – From The Big Settlemen

Trey – Three

Treyton – Town full of trees

Tristan – riot

Truee – Real

Trystan – sorrowful

Tucker – clothfuller

Turner – works with a lathe

Tyee – Flower

Tyler – maker of tiles

Tymon – Tymon

Tyree – Island off of Scotland

Tyrell – Thunder ruler

Tyrese – Gift of god


Names are rare today may not be so 3 or 6 years from now. So, if you require an uncommon name, but not entirely heard of, then pick it from the list below. We have included a wide range of classic and underappreciated titles. The boy names are either undiscovered or on the edge of extirpation. Uzi, Uttam, Upton, Uri are some examples.

Ulysses – Wounded In The Thigh

Upton – Upper Field

Urban – From The City


If you want your baby prince should wear a strangenamethat’s never heard of, then here it is the list of unusual babynames. Take a look and pick one for your babyboy. Vada, Vaclav is some example.

Valentin – healthy

Van – from

Vance – From The Marsh

Vaughan – little

Vaughn – little

Victor – winner

Viggo – war

Vihaan – sunrise

Virgil – Flourishing

Vito – life


Are you looking for a rare name for baby with beautiful meaning? Here are our top uncommon baby names beginning with the letter W for boys, and gender-neutral options. Ex:- Wade, Walden, Waldo, Watson, Wayne

Wade – Traveller By The Ford

Wagner – wagon driver

Walden – wooded valley

Walker – Fuller Of Cloth

Walter – army ruler

Warner – Army Guard

Warren – Guard

Wells – spring

Wesley – western meadow

West – Westtown

Weston – From the West town

Wilder – untamed

William – protection

Willis – Resolute protector

Willson – son of Will

Wilson – son of Will

Winston – wine’s town

Winter – The Season

Wolf – travelingwolf

Wren – small Bird

Wyatt – Son Of Guy

Wynn – Blessed


The hunt for a baby name that isn’t crazily famous can relate. There are many titles out there. But it always appears that as soon as you select it, so does everyone else. So let’s have a journey through names starting with X. Xavier, Xander.

Xan – defending men

Xavier – The New House

Xerves – Ruler over heroes

Ximen – west gate


While it’s pretty much improbable to find a name that’s never been used, you can discover Y’s names as the first letter. These boys have become increasingly rare over time. Parents are likely to be educated, free thinkers who would like their son to have a unique name such as Yusuf, Yuri Yash, and Yanni.

Yakecan – sky

Yale – From the fertile upland

Yarden – one who descends

Yardleyu – From the enclosed meadow

Yarin – Happiness

Yehuda – Praise

Yerik – Appointed by God

Yervant – ruler

York – yew settlement


Whether uncommon names starting with Z never became popular in history, or they’ve fallen out of favour, the following names are rare; you may not have ever heard of them either. We could gather up and the reasons as to why we think they are just so fabulous! Zyan, Zane, Zia

Zachary – God remembers

Zackery – God has Remembered

Zaide – Increasing

Zaire – River

Zane – God Is Gracious

Zaniel – God is my Judge

Zared – Trap

Zarek – May God protect the King

Zebedee – Endowed By God

Zeke – God will strengthen

Zen – Type of Buddhism

Zenon – Guest

Zephyr – West wind

Zion – Israel

Ziv – Brightness

Ziven – Vigorous

Zyair – Unlimited happiness

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The article mentions various names for each letter of the alphabet, such as Abel, Ace, Adin, Adriel, Adyn, and Adley for the letter A. It continues with names like Balthazar, Barnaby, Bennett, and Benton for the letter B, and so on for other letters of the alphabet.

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