Top 100 Unique Baby Girl Names with Meanings (2024)

Team AckoFeb 9, 2024

Looking for the unique Hindu baby girl names with meaning? Finding a trending, not so popular, and unique baby girl name takes lot of time and patience. Being the parents of a little princess, you always want to choose a perfect name for her, which becomes a reflection of her personality and also something she will love and cherish throughout her life. So lets chose the best name

Top 100 Unique Baby Girl Names with Meanings (1)


Top 100 Unique Baby Girl Names with Meanings (2)

  • Top 100 Hindu Baby Girl Names with their Meanings

    Top 100 Unique Baby Girl Names with Meanings (3)

    Top 100 Hindu Baby Girl Names with their Meanings

    Here, we lists down top 100 indian baby girl names with their meanings so that it would definitely help you in finalizing the best name for your little angel.

    1. Aadita - From the beginning

    2. Aapti - Your little girl has arrived to fulfill our lifetime dream. There cannot be a better name than ‘Aapti’ for her, which means ‘Fulfillment’.

    3. Adrika - Small mountain

    4. Aashna - “the one who is devoted to love” is its meaning.

    5. Aaheli - Your daughter’s heart is as “pure” as her name.

    6. Aamani - The best name for the little girl ifshe's born in the season of “spring.”

    7. Arjita - It means “acquired”, “gained.”

    8. Anaisha - A unique name, “special or unique”is its meaning.

    9. Abhikhya - An “independent girl”, your daughter will be.

    10. Avya - It represents “the first ray of sun.”

    11. Anvi - This innovative name of the girl suggests “goddess of the forest”.

    12. Aadhira - If you are looking for an uncommon name with sensible meaning, then Aadhira is a great choice from among our top 100 baby girl names. It means “lord moon.”

    13. Aash*ta - The name reflects that your daughter will remain “hopeful”always. 14. Aatmaja - A perfect to depict that she is your “daughter”

    15. Adhyaya - It means “Goddess Durga”

    16. Abhirami - A modern name with religious meaning will be the best choice for her from our list of top hindu baby girl names. It means “Goddess Lakshmi”

    17. Aarna - Same meaning as above i.e. “Goddess Lakshmi.”

    18. Akshi - A short, sweet, and unique name, which means existence.

    19. Agrima - Your daughter will have “leadership” skills.

    20. Aasmi - She is “self-confident” and will be so, always.

    21. Anahita - It represents, “graceful” suits her best because of her fine features.

    22. Aryahi - If you are a follower of “Goddess Durga” then your daughter is her blessing.

    23. Atreyi - Atreyi is an elegant, unique, and very Indian name. It is the name of a traditional river.

    24. Aaravi - One who has brought joy and harmony in your life, is your daughter.

    25. Advika - An attractive and serene name which means “one who is unique.”

    26. Aishani - “Goddess Durga” is its meaning.

    27. Bhuvi - A simple and short name for your little princess, which means “heaven.”

    28. Bhaumi - It means “Goddess Sita, daughter of Earth/bhoomi.''

    29. Banhi - According to our religion, fire reflects power, purity, and spirituality. You can try the name Banhi for your daughter as it means ‘Fire.’

    30. Bhavya - It means “grand or splendid.”

    31. Bhavika - It means ''attractive.''

    32. Charita -You too want your daughter to become a good human being, above all else. Set her on the right path with the name Charita, which means ‘Good’.

    33. Chaitali - A Hindu “Bengali name” for the girls born in the month of Chaitra.

    34. Charvi - A beauty both on the inside and out will reflect from the persona and name of your daughter.

    35. Cheshtha - It means “endeavor.”

    36. Dhwani - A different name from the letter in our list of top baby girl names, originated from Sanskrit, this name would define that your little princess is the music that lights up your heart.

    37. Divyashi - Your daughter is a “divine blessing.”

    38. Dhyeya - This rare and rhythmic name for your little girl has the meaning “aim.”

    39. Diti - A short and sweet name, it means ''idea.''

    40. Dayita - Another beautiful name to be considered, Dayita means “beloved.”

    41. Dish*ta - It means your daughter has focused ambition, farsightedness.

    42. Dyuti - A perfect name for the queen of your heart which means “light.”

    43. Divija - This is a heavenly name that sounds very ethereal and means ”born in heaven.”

    44. Dharini - It means strong and humble Earth.

    45. Ekanshi - This is a rather unique word and a name that is hardly donned by many parents for their daughter. It means “of one part,” which means she is your part forever and will be, no matter what prevails or intervenes.

    46. Evanashi - It means “similarity.”

    47. Ekaja - Perfect name for parents who have planned to have a single child and she is your daughter, it means “single or only child.”

    48. Ekantika - A unique name from top baby girl names is Ekantika which means “singly focused or devoted to one aim.”

    49. Eila - A short, sweet and perfect name for your little princess. Eila means ''the Earth.''

    50. Garvita - Your girl is your “pride.”

    51. Gunita - It means ''Virtuous.''

    52. Giva - A modern, attractive and appealing name for your doll, which means a living being.

    53. Gitashri - It refers to “Bhagvat Gita.”

    54. Hrida - Your Girls’ soul will be “pure” as her name.

    55. Hiya - Hiya means “heart” in Hindi.

    56. Hradini - A name with a feminine sound means ‘Lightening.’

    57. Iksh*ta - Your daughter will always be “visible.”

    58. Ichha - Your desires come true with your beautiful daughter.

    59. Ishanvi - The name of the goddess Parvathi is an apt name for gifting your little girl.

    60. Inika - A short and sweet name with the meaning “Small Earth.”

    61. Ihina - It means “Enthusiasm.”

    62. Jeeva - Life is what it means.

    63. Jivika - A modern name with exclusive meaning, “source of life.”

    64. Janya - The name is entirely different and attractive in the top baby girl names. It means “Life.”

    65. Kasni - Kasni means flower, special. It also symbolizes “goddess Lakshmi.”

    66. Krshnavi - “Something that is sweetest to Lord Krishna.”

    67. Kalini - A flower bud.

    68. Laranya - No doubt, your daughter is “graceful.”

    69. Marvi - Your little princess has “redefined beauty.”

    70. Meehika - The name is a distinctive choice from top baby girl names for your little princess. It means “fog or mist.”

    71. Mishka - Your daughter is “gift of love.”

    72. Miraya - The name derived from “Mira,” devotee of Lord Krishna.

    73. Mritsa - Never heard of this name? Choose the one if “M” is her letter. It means “good Earth.”

    74. Neysa - An unusual name, this means “pure” and is a perfect choice for your lovely daughter.

    75. Namya - Your daughter is “worthy of honor.”

    76. Nitara - This is a perfect name for those who have “deep roots.”

    77. Ninarika - It means “misty.”

    78. Ojasvi - She is “bright.”

    79. Parthika - The name signifies that your daughter is “beautiful.”

    80. Parnika - The name has two meanings, “a small leaf”, and it is also a name of “Goddess Parvati.”

    81. Parinitha - It means “expert.”

    82. Rishvi - Your daughter words will be pure as she is “female saint.”

    83. Rutvi - Your “wish” came true in form of your daughter.

    84. Ryka - The name Ryka means ‘born out of a hymn or prayer’. It is a unique baby girl name

    85. Rishima - It means “moonbeam.”

    86. Sanshi - Your daughter will be “praised” forever.

    87. Samaira - Samaira means “enchanting”

    88. Sanaya - If your little angel is born on saturday, then this is the perfect name for her. It also means “eminent”

    89. Smitakshi - It means “pleasant eyed”.

    90. Stuti - Goddess Durga

    91. Tvisha - A perfect name from the letter “T” among top baby girl names is Tvisha. It means brilliant, illuminated. It is a latest hindu baby girl name

    92. Trayi - Your daughter’s name will mark n impact on her, means she will be a great “intellect.”

    93. Tisya - A rich name with rich meaning, “auspicious.”

    94. Udyati - It means “elevated” in life.

    95. Ura - “Earth” is its meaning.

    96. Udgita - Derived from Bhagvat Gita, which means “hymn”.

    97. Varya - It means “form.”

    98. Vritika - An exotic and simple name meaning “thought” is great choice for your daughter from top 100 baby girl names.

    99. Viti - It means “light.”

    100. Yutika/Yatika - It means flower/Goddess Durga in Hindi.

    Your daughter’s name should not only be beautiful and trendy but also meaningful and unique. The compiled list of latest baby girl names along with their meaning is sure to help you with the daunting task of choosing the baby name. Happy Parenting!

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