The Ultimate Free Baby Registry Checklist for First Time Moms – This Momma Needs Grace (2024)

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I remember the pure joy and excitement that comes with expecting your first baby! I also remember the panic when the realization sets in that I am about to be responsible for keeping a human alive, and I don’t even know where to start! Beginning parenthood can be a roller coaster of emotions and uncertainties. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed and unsure at times, you’re not alone!! It is a normal part of the journey. Don’t miss the free baby registry checklist printable at the end!

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When I went to make my baby registry for my first baby, my husband and I invited my friend that already had some children. I literally had her take me by the hand to each aisle and tell me exactly what I needed. She would ask my opinion about something, and I would say “I don’t know! Whatever you say is best.” The whole thing was SO overwhelming for me, and I was thankful to have the wisdom and help of a seasoned parent to tell me what was important and what wasn’t. Through time I learned what worked best for my family and my baby, but in the beginning I needed the extra help.

That is why I wanted to write this post! I want to provide those searching for some advice or have no clue where to start on their baby registry to have a guide to help jump start the journey for you. I do not expect you to follow it exactly of course but use it as a guide to help point you in the right direction. We are all different so I encourage you to do your research and decide what’s best for you and your family, but I will give you my advice on things that worked well for my family.

I recommend registering for items you can use with your baby for the first year so that’s why I included some feeding items such as silverware, bowls, and snack cups. If you don’t feel like you need to worry about these things yet and don’t want to register for them, then skip them! It’s up to you. Whatever you feel like you will need to get started with baby!

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  • Bottles – I recommend starting with a set of 2-4 4-5 oz bottles of one brand to get started. You may have to hand wash some to get through the day if the baby is exclusively bottle fed, but I think it is worth it in the end. We spent a lot of money trying to find a bottle that worked for our baby. Dr. Brown’s ended up being the best fit for us for both babies. You may find a different one that works for your baby though. That’s why I recommend buying them in smaller quantities until you figure out what works rather than wasting a lot of money on a bunch of bottles you won’t use.
  • Variety of nipple sizes – See what comes with your bottle set and get what else you would need. The smaller the nipple size will be for the younger they are. So usually it’s like Level 0 would be for a newborn and Level 4 would be 9+ months. The package will describe an approximate time to transition to the next level of nipple. And once you learn more about what your baby needs, you’ll be able to figure out the best time to transition.
  • Bottle Warmer – I think this would be personal preference. We didn’t just love ours, but it was a more basic one. You can get as fancy or simple that you think would help you.
  • Bottle Sterilizer – You can always boil the bottles and pump parts to sterilize them, but I found these Baby Bottle Brush with One Base Hidden Nylon Nipple Cleaner, 2 Pcs Sponge Nipple Brushes, 2 Pcs Straw Brushes, Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner and Stand, Bottle Brush with Suction Cup, Green“>one though. It will help get all those nooks and crannies you have to clean.
  • Dishwasher Basket – If you are planning on putting any bottle/breast pump parts in the dishwasher, I highly recommend getting a basket for the top rack. It makes life tons easier.
  • Bottle Drying Rack – I always liked this so that I could keep my bottles away from dishes that touched other foods. This one was my absolute favorite. It packed up and traveled in a breeze.
  • Special detergent if desired – When I hand washed I liked to use this Babyganics dish soap on the baby stuff. This is totally personal preference though. You can use your regular dish detergent if you want!
  • Bibs – This is mostly personal preference about what you like! But definitely register for some. I personally liked the ones with the plastic backing like these because it kept the clothes dry during feeding/spit up.
  • Burp Cloths – Another must have! My first was a spitter, and we went through 6-7 burp cloths a day. We stocked up for our second, but he hardly ever spit up. Each baby is different, but it’s good to have a little on hand while you’re figuring it out. I personally preferred these old school cloth diapers for burp cloths because they are so absorbent.
  • High Chair – We found this cheaper one worked well for our family. It was easy to clean, traveled well, and was affordable! You may want to do some research to decide what you like. I would recommend looking for one that wipes down easily because they get messy fast!
  • Baby spoons – This will be for when the baby is a little older and starts eating. If you want to do baby led weaning, I highly recommend this one. If you want to do more traditional feeding, I really enjoyed these.
  • Baby bowls and plates – I really liked these silicone ones because they stayed put better. I still use them with my 2 year old!
  • Snack cups – I really liked these because the baby can reach in and get their own while cutting down on mess. There will probably still be mess, but it does cut down at least!
  • If breastfeeding:
    • Breast Pump – check with your insurance because most give these for free. I have used both Medela and Spectra and prefer the Medela.
    • Extra Pump Parts – It’s good to have extra parts especially if you are going to be working or traveling and pumping and can’t wash the parts.
    • Milk Storage Bags – A must for saving milk! Especially if you’re a working mom and will be pumping a lot.
    • Nursing Cover – I’ve tried a couple different kinds, but one that has some space to look down at the baby and so the baby has room to move about is by far the best in my opinion.
    • Boppy Pillow – Great for a nursing support but can also be used for tummy time and support to lay baby on. Highly recommending having one!!
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  • Wash cloths and Towels – I think the ones with thicker material and a hood are more useful, but pick ones you like.
  • Baby shampoo/body wash – I’ve tried many different kinds, but the one that worked best for my kids who both had sensitive skin and eczema is Aquaphor.
  • Lotion – Again, I’ve tried many different kinds because both my kids have very sensitive skin and eczema. The ones that work best for us are CeraVe and Aquaphor. I still use both on my 2 and 3.5 years!
  • Hygiene Kit – Pick one with the basics.
  • Electric Nail File – I will say this is a game changer!! We have LOVED our electric nail file. Instead of having to worrying about making your poor babies fingers bleed with those nail clippers, you can easily just file them down. Then when they are older, it gets easier to use actual nail clippers.
  • Baby bath tub – Until they are old enough to sit up well in the bathtub, you will need some kind of additional support. There are lots of kinds that probably work great! I always just got a basic cheap one and it worked well for us.


  • Diapers – Pick our your favorite and register for some – size 1 and up. People will likely still buy you different kinds, but you can always pick out your favorite and register for it. Also, I wouldn’t recommend registering for smaller than size 1. Most likely you won’t need newborn size for very long.
  • Baby Wipes – Similar to diapers, pick what you like and register for it. People will likely still buy you different kinds.
  • Diaper Rash Cream – This is great to have on hand!! Diaper rash can be very painful. Our favorites are Desitin, Aquaphor, and Boudreaux Butt Paste.
  • Diaper BagThis is my absolute favorite that we have been using for over 2 years! It works great for more than one kid.


  • Swaddles/Sleep Sacks – Neither of babies enjoyed being swaddled, but a couple made the process a little easier. Halo sleepsack swaddle, Swaddle Me, and Miracle Blanket swaddle all worked well when my boys fought a traditional swaddle. After they start rolling over, I just used regular sleep sacks – Halo being my favorite.
  • Blankets – Definitely register for some cozy blankets to use for playing and covering while in the car seat and stroller. Muslim swaddle blankets are great! I recommend having some on hand. They can be used as a swaddle, but also a lightweight blanket for the car seat or stroller or even a burp cloth and nursing cover. I always had one handy.
  • Pacifiers – If you plan on trying a paci, I would recommend similar to the bottles. Maybe just get one or two different kinds before figuring out which your baby likes best before stocking up. I was not against paci’s but my 2nd completely refused it so you never know if the baby will even take one.
  • Crib Sheets – Stock up! I like the cozy jersey ones because it’s a little warmer and very soft, but pick whatever you like.
  • Crib Mattress Protector – Another good thing to have a few on hand because you’re never going to know when you’re going to need to do a quick middle of the night bed change. I prefer getting a waterproof one and one that’s not too thick so they don’t get too hot at night.
  • Baby Monitor – Personally for us we didn’t want a baby monitor that was on wifi because we didn’t want any creepers to be able to hack in. We did end up with a video monitor that was not on wifi. Now this will not let us log into the camera with our phones, only with the monitor. It will come down to personal preference on what you want in it.
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  • Crib – You can search on Facebook marketplace or other consignment shops or sales to find a decent used one. We got a reasonably priced new Graco one and it worked great for us!
  • Crib Mattress – I recommend investing in a nice one. A comfortable baby means more sleep for her and you! We love this one – and both my boys are still using theirs because it has a toddler side. It is so comfy, it made me want to buy a foam mattress for me!
  • Changing Table – This is another thing you can find on Facebook marketplace or other consignment shops to find a used one. We got a reasonably priced new Graco one that worked great for us, and we’re still using after 4 years!
  • Glider – A chair is a must in a nursery, and we have LOVED this glider. It has been through both babies and almost 4 years still being used.
  • Dresser – Look around and find a good fit for keeping all those little baby clothes in. My mother in law repurposed the old dresser that my husband had as a child so it is very special to us!
  • Hangers – I would recommend on stocking up on some baby hangers if you plan on hanging any of your fancy baby clothes. I personally didn’t dress my boys up very much so I didn’t have much to hang, but some people like to hang more. Get whatever you feel like you will use.
  • Room darkening shades/curtains – When babies are first born they don’t necessarily need it to be super dark to sleep. But as they grow they will become more sensitive to light. I recommend to getting room darkening shades and or curtains to help cut down on early wakings. We have enjoyed these!
  • Sound machine – Again this is something you may not need right off the bat, but as babies grow they become more sensitive to noises. We use this one.
  • Pack and Play – A must have for traveling with baby. It can be used for sleeping or playing and packs up and travels so easy!
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Toys & Books

  • Activity mat – There are lots of options! But this is a great, diverse toy that will keep your baby entertained as they grow.
  • Baby Bouncer Chair – As soon as the baby was big enough, a bouncy chair was a must for us! It allowed me to have some free hands to cook dinner or do laundry while still watching the baby. We had a couple, and this one was by far my favorite.
  • Activity Jumper or Door Way Jumper – We had both and each baby had a favorite. My first preferred the activity jumper while the second loved the door way one. The door way jumper is best if you’re short on space. The activity jumper has a lot more activities to keep the baby busy.
  • Mirror – I highly recommend this one toy to keep your baby entertained. There’s nothing they love more than playing with another baby!
  • Any other toys/books you know you want. A lot of people will pick out toys and books for you not from the registry.

Strollers & Car Seats

  • Stroller – Get a decent stroller that will last. I knew I wanted to get a jogging one because I liked to run, but I didn’t want to spend a lot. We ended up with this one and LOVE it. I still use it almost 4 years later. This one comes with a newborn car seat also which was very handy.
  • Umbrella Stroller – I also recommend getting a decent umbrella stroller for easy traveling. This one is great and even has a little basket making it great for airports and amusem*nt parks.
  • Convertible car seat – These are great as baby grows. It will last for years and years! We’ve had two different brands but love the Graco one best.
  • Car Mirror – It always gave me peace of mind to be able to see my baby when they were rear facing.
  • Shades for car window – Trust me when the sun is shining in on your baby’s eyes you will do anything to make that stop! If your car doesn’t have built in shades (like in a van) then this one is our favorite to fit over a car or SUV window.
  • Car seat cover – Car seats get messy! I like to have something down directly on the seat before installing the car seat. It will help preserve your seats in your car.
  • Car seat toys – There are toys specifically designed for the car seat. I would recommend looking for some and seeing if you like them. Keeping them entertained in the car is a huge plus!
  • Baby carrier – I tried all sorts of different ones, including a fancy wrap and sling, but I liked this simple baby carrier the best.


  • Saline Spray – It’s good to this on hand from the beginning. Little baby stuffy noses are the worst. Some saline spray along with the Nose Frida can make a huge difference!
  • Nose Frida – I know it seems gross, but trust me you won’t get any snot in your mouth!! And this is significantly better than just the nose suckers you get at the hospital.
  • Gas Drops and Gripe Water – I didn’t use gas drops or gripe water much but some people swear by them. All babies will have tummy aches and gas issues. It is a great idea to have some of these options on hand to try out when your baby isn’t feeling his/her best.
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  • Register for a few things you like – But I wouldn’t register for much. This is one area where it is a joy for people to get to pick out cute outfits on their own to gift you.
  • Sleepers – I would recommend if you register for some sleepers, I would register for ones with zippers and/or magnets so your friends and family members know which kind you like. Button sleepers may be cute, but they are a hassle for those middle of the night changings.
  • Hats and socks – I wouldn’t recommend many hats. You really won’t need them unless it’s winter and the baby is out a lot. Socks are great to have around, and it’s good to have a lot because they do get lost easy!


I am SO excited for you as your begin this exciting journey! Grab the free printable so you can check things off as you go. Breathe through the panic, bask and sit in the joy, and enjoy the ride into parenthood!

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The Ultimate Free Baby Registry Checklist for First Time Moms – This Momma Needs Grace (2024)
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