The Opelika-Auburn News from Opelika, Alabama (2024)

Spotlight May 28-June 3, So ALL MY CHILDREN After finding Krystal at the helicopter crash site, Babe suddenly recalled everything about her baby's birth and realized that the child she calls Bess is actually Bianca's daughter, Miranda, and that it was her (Babe's) baBabe by who died. Greenlee suspected that David had tried to poison Ryan. JR implied to Adam that he planned to use Jamie to encourage Babe to be unfaithful. Erica railed at Bobby for not telling her that he's actually Bobby Warner. Kendall told a skeptical Ryan and a slightly more believing Greenlee that Bess might actually be her niece, Miranda.

Watch For: JR confronts Babe about Bess and Miranda. AS THE WORLD TURNS Barbara insisted on getting answers from James. Margo and Mike began to question where (or whether) they might have gone wrong. Jennifer told Jordan what Rosanna was hiding. Someone familiar to her rescues Katie.

Watch For: Pilar poses a threat to Simon's plans. Lucy is taken for a wild ride. Jennifer makes a stunning discovery about Jordan. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Deacon told a terrified Jackie that Massimo believed she had a lover, and had asked him (Deacon) to keep a close watch on her and report her every move back to Massimo. Eric reassured Brooke that no matter what happens, she and Ridge will always have a special connection.

Massimo succeeded in persuading Brooke to sell back Logan Designs to Sally. A concerned Nick told Brooke that not hearing from Ridge could mean it's the calm before the storm. Caitlin called Samantha "Mom." Watch For: Ridge probes Maya's agenda. 2004 Soapbox As Salem gathered to mourn the loss of Marlena, Sami was sure she heard her mother banging on the inside of the coffin lid, and with Celeste's support, John agreed to open the casket only to find a serene looking and apparently dead Marlene Marlena inside. However, Marlena was, indeed, banging on the lid and screaming "I'm Alive." Unable to contact Shawn (and unaware that Jan had turned him into her "love Hope urged Bo to send out an APB on him.

Sami's continuing emotional assaults on John and Kate for being the cause of her mother, Marlena's, death forced the couple to turn to each other for comfort. Celeste shared a secret with Lexie. Watch For: Hope acts on Julie's shocking revelation about Doug. GENERAL HOSPITAL Sam realized that Sonny wanted Jason to "be" her baby's father so that Sonny wouldn't lose Carly. Skye managed to lock her stalker in a storage room on the Haunted Star.

Later, Ric had Luke arrested as an accessory to murder for allowing Laura to escape from the Haunted Star. Lucky was also arrested for obstruction of justice. Nikolas told Alcazar he'd like to spend his vacation with Mary in Las Rocas. In the meantime, recalling how she and Nikolas had planned to go to Las Rocas before he died, Emily asked Lucky to go there with her. Dillon was determined to find the mystery singer.

Watch For: Emily resolves to make Nikolas remember her. Sam urges Jason to reconcile with Courtney. GUIDING LIGHT Olivia stopped Bill before he could make a stupid mistake. Danny found himself in a night- DAYS OF OUR LIVES mare as he searched for Michelle. Eden realized she couldn't leave without saying goodbye.

Cassie and Tammy were able to reach an understanding. Watch For: Harley anxiously awaits the next step she'll have to take. Cassie refuses to let up on her questioning of Edmund. Alex begs Gus to shield her ONE LIFE TO LIVE Michael rescued Marcie from the roof ledge as Bo and Antonio rushed to arrest Dr. Long.

Blair was puzzled over Todd and Kelly's apparent "closeness." At first reluctant to do so, Viki finally agreed to accept Ben's heart and "heard" his reassuring voice as she was prepped for surgery. Kathryn confided in John about Paul's connection to a Puerto Rican crime organization. Joey and Jen had a bittersweet parting. Watch For: Todd threatens to reveal Kelly's secret. Their long sought reunion began with Luis taking Sheridan away in a rented boat.

Meanwhile, a furious Alistair reacted by working Antonio into a murderous rage. Gwen and Ethan anxiously awaited the results of Theresa's pregnancy test. Later, Theresa and Ethan faced the truth about their feelings for each other. The identities of a mysterious couple from Mexico were revealed. In a desperate effort to keep Charity and Miguel apart, Tabitha conjured up an evil version of Faith.

Watch For: Luis and Sheridan begin to play out their past lives. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS PASSIONS Grace's growing distrust of Cameron put their diabolical conspiracy against Sharon in jeopardy. Michael's plan to keep Kevin out of jail appeared to be working. Meanwhile, Det. Weber had some questions of his own.

Phyllis was shocked at Damon's harsh reaction to her curiosity about his past. Brittany was not happy to find that Mackenzie had moved back into the loft. Watch For: Sharon faces a decision that could cost her her marriage or lead to something even worse! 3 Is Juliet of 'Passions' entitled to a title? Q. I was told that Juliet Mills, who plays Tabitha on "Passions," can call herself Lady Mills but chooses not to. Is this true? Rosemary L.

Q. How is Juliet Mills related to Melissa Gilbert House on the if she is? I just read in an entertainment magazine that they have relatives in common, but there were no specifics. Harriet McD. A. To Rosemary: Juliet Mills' father, John Mills, was awarded a knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II, which entitles him to call himself Sir John Mills, and her mother to call herself Lady Mary Mills.

However, it is not a hereditary title, so it does not pass down to any of his three children. Therefore, Juliet Mills may be every inch a "lady," but she's not a Lady. A. To Harriet: That's what we would call a Hollywood family, since the connections are largely a matter of marriages and divorces. Briefly, John Mills was the stepfather of his first wife's son, Ian Ogilvy (TV's "Return of the Saint" in the 1970s).

Ogilvy is married to actor Kathryn Holcomb the West Was who is the former wife of Bruce Boxleitner who is the current husband of Melissa Gilbert. Thanks for the question. I had fun researching it. Q. On "General Hospital," Luke's (Anthony Geary) son is named Lucky (Greg Vaughan).

What does the name stand for? Also, on one episode he was referred to as Carly's (Tamara Braun) cousin. How does that relationship work out? Korey H. A. Lucky's full name is Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Jr. Carly is the daughter of Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer Brock Meyers Jones Cassadine (Jackie Zeman), who is Luke's sister.

Q. On "All My Children," I understand that the character of Mia (Amelia Heinle) had a son. Was the baby's father Jake Martin? Caroline C. A. Frank Hubbard (last played by Jason Olive) is the father of Mia's son, William, whom she gave up for adoption.

Jake Martin (last played by J. Eddie Peck) and Mia were lovers. A current round of rumors has Heinle leaving the show this summer and Jake returning. Q. I love watching reruns of "The Pretender." I'm sure the actor who plays the lead was on a soap, but I can't recall which one it was.

Thanks for any information. S.J. A. Michael T. Weiss, who played Jarod on the show (and is also the voice of Tarzan on TV's animated "Tarzan Jane" series), played Mike Horton on "Days of Our Lives" in 1990.

If you have a question about soaps for SELI GROVES, you can send it to Daytime Dial, 888 Seventh New York, NY, 10019..

The Opelika-Auburn News from Opelika, Alabama (2024)
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