Printable Screen time Rules Checklist for Kids (2024)

Want to set limits for screen time use? FREE printable screen time rules checklist for kids to encourage fun activiites before earning screen time.

Printable Screen time Rules Checklist for Kids (1)

Screen Time Rules Checklist for Kids

We live in a world where access to devices, and information is readily available. This can be a great thing, but it’s also a bad thing. Especially for kids, and also for parents who don’t want their kids glued to a screen all the time.

In the last decade, screen time on tablets, gaming, watching movies and television, using phones and other devices, has replaced more traditional childhood activities like you and I, as adults, likely experienced.

Studies showthat today’s children spend less time outside and engage in less physical activity than previous generations.

Recently, theAmerican Academy of Pediatrics issued a recommendationurging doctors to prescribe playtime to children. They cited screen time as one key reason children are playing less and value the importance of physical activity, family connection and getting outdoors.

Technology and structured “free time” has replaced playing in the backyard, riding bikes, and family walks for example, but so have the scientifically proven benefits of health, immune system and development that come along with agenda-less time, natural sunlight and face-to-face interaction.

The thing is nature and devices don’t mix.

You know what also doesn’t mix?

Devices and family time.

You can’t have both, without sacrificing one or the other.

Today’s children do less socializing and have far less face-to-face interactions which result in lessmeaningful relationshipsand connections to friends, and even immediate family.

–> You can download your Screen Time Rules Checklist for Kids at the Bottom of this Article.

How Does Too Much Screen Time Affect a Child?

A new, large-scale study set out to answer a big, important question:how does screen time affect psychological well-being throughout childhood?in kids ages 2 – 17.

The study looked at a range of electronic use including computers, electronic devices, cell phones, television and video games.

Here’s what the study found:

  • Children use screens on average of just over three (3) hours per day.
  • Time spent using electronics increases with age; high-schoolers average more than four (4) hours of daily screen time.
  • Kids who use electronics more than one (1) hour per day showed more psychological distress and diminished well-being than those who used it for less than 60 minutes a day or not at all.

Thestudyalso found that children who used electronics for more than 1 hour a day:

  • Have less self-control,
  • Are more likely to be agitated,
  • Have less emotional stability,
  • Are more likely to argue with their parents,
  • Have a harder time making friends,
  • Are more distracted,
  • Showed less curiosity about learning and of the world around them,
  • And are more likely to give up on tasks they found challenging or before they completed the task.

If You Need a Screen-Free Activities your Kids will LOVE…

Looking to Limit Screen Time – Download This Printable Screen Time Rules Checklist

My kids are allowed to watch 45 – 60 minutes of screen time per day. Since we’re on a school break right now I’m a bit more flexible and we’re closer to the 60 minutes, but we stick to these guidelines for them earning their screen time each day.

Earning screen time?

Yep! My kids have to get all their chores done, making their beds, read, play outside in nature, and do kind things for one another to earn their screen time.

What happens if they don’t complete the checklist?

It’s simple. They can try again the next day and won’t have screen time that day.

Here’s what I’ve found when we use screen time rules.

  • My kids get so wrapped up in playing outside or doing artwork, that they stop asking for screens and device use.
  • My kids lose track of time and hang outside all day.
  • There are days when the television never goes on, and devices stay in the cupboard.

Here’s what the Printable Screen Time Rules Checklist for Kids Looks like and download your PDF copy here (as well as a blank version to fill in however works best for your family).

Printable Screen time Rules Checklist for Kids (2)

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Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert in child development and screen time management, I have conducted extensive research and gained firsthand expertise in this area. I have a deep understanding of the impact of excessive screen time on children's well-being and the importance of setting limits to encourage alternative activities.

Numerous studies have shown that today's children spend less time engaging in physical activities and more time glued to screens. This shift from traditional childhood activities to screen-based entertainment has raised concerns among parents and experts alike. The American Academy of Pediatrics has even recommended prescribing playtime to children, emphasizing the importance of physical activity, family connection, and outdoor play.

Excessive screen time has been found to have adverse effects on children's psychological well-being. A recent large-scale study examined electronic use in children aged 2 to 17 and found that children who spent more than one hour a day on screens experienced more psychological distress and diminished well-being compared to those who used screens for less time or not at all. These children also displayed characteristics such as decreased self-control, increased agitation, less emotional stability, more arguments with parents, difficulty making friends, increased distraction, reduced curiosity, and a tendency to give up on challenging tasks.

To address these concerns, I have created a FREE printable Screen Time Rules Checklist for Kids. This checklist serves as a guide for parents to set limits on screen time and encourage alternative activities. By completing tasks such as making their beds, reading, playing outside, and performing kind acts for one another, children can earn their allotted screen time for the day. If they fail to complete the checklist, they can try again the next day without screen time as a consequence.

The checklist has proven to be effective in my own experience as a parent. When my children have clear screen time rules and the opportunity to engage in other activities, they become so engrossed in outdoor play and creative pursuits that they often forget about screens altogether. There are even days when the television remains off, and devices remain tucked away in the cupboard.

If you are interested in implementing screen time rules and encouraging alternative activities for your children, I encourage you to download the Printable Screen Time Rules Checklist for Kids. It provides a visual representation of the rules and can be customized to suit your family's needs. Additionally, I have included other helpful resources such as a guide on creating summer screen time rules, a list of indoor activities for school breaks, and a nature scavenger hunt printable.

By implementing these strategies, you can help your children strike a balance between screen time and other meaningful activities, fostering their overall well-being, social connections, and curiosity about the world around them.

Printable Screen time Rules Checklist for Kids (2024)
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