My review of The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (2024)

Ever since I heard
about a new 3D Zelda title at E3 2009, I was excited after looking at a
piece of concept art that showed an adult Link with a mysterious figure
behind him. I was pretty much waiting four / five years for this since
the release of Twilight Princess, and when I beat it. The wait for E3
2010 killed me, and then it killed me even more because I had to wait
until early 2011, and then it wasn't until November of that year that I
would get my hands on the game.

I got to the store as soon as it opened on launch day, being the first
in line to hold a copy, but COME ON EB Games, did you really need to put
a sticker on the limited edition box? Like wow! Anyways, could this
entry in the Zelda saga become the best there is? Here is my review of
The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.

If you're looking for a very deep, engaging, emotional story, you're
well in luck. It starts off above the clouds in a land called Skyloft,
where Link and Zelda (who this time around is not a princess) are
getting ready for the Wing Ceremony, after Link wins it, he and Zelda go
for a nice flyby of Skyloft, only to have a dark tornado hit and pull
Zelda below the clouds. Link has been having strange dreams as well, and
when he finally gets below the clouds to find Zelda, he meets up with
the main antagonist of this game, Lord Ghirahim. The story fills many
plot holes, and this time around, is an origin story.

Motion controls have been done many of times in the games of this
generation, but never has a game used them so thoroughly. The gameplay
is the most addicting, and best in ANY game I've ever played, and that's
saying A LOT. Every battle with an enemy becomes a puzzle, enemies read
your stance, and you must read theirs and swipe in the way that they
aren't defending themselves with their sword. The combat requires a lot
of precision, but once you beat that insanely tough battle, you know it
was all worth it. You also have the best, and most clever dungeon design
in the series. The puzzles are things that have never been done before,
and you use your entire arsenal just to get through each and every
dungeon. It really is satisfying once you figure out a mind-boggling
puzzle that had you confused and walking around for several straight
minutes, which happens a lot.

Are graphics about dark, realistic, mature, and bloody things all over
the screen? That's what certain "gamers" think, but that's a lie, you
can barely feel as if someone is a gamer if they are a graphics hater.
With Skyward Sword, you got the best from The Wind Waker and Twilight
Princess, blended perfectly, and what ends up to be the most gorgeous
art style in the entire industry. Everything looks downright beautiful,
and nothing is ever muddy and sloppy to look at.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 had an amazing soundtrack, but Skyward Sword tops
it in that department as well. Many of the themes are very catchy, and
you'll even find yourself humming some of the tunes while you go about
your day. We go from the Earth Temple theme, the Demon Lord Ghirahim's
theme, the Scaldera battle theme, and many more that WILL put a smile on
your face.

Twilight Princess, that's the longest Zelda game ever! On that game, the
main quest will take you 25-30 hours, and the whole game is about 60
hours. Wait, then here comes Skyward Sword, the main quest takes you
35-40 hours, and the whole game is about 100 plus hours. That's much
longer than Twilight Princess. Zelda games are known for their side
quests, such as Majora's Mask, but Skyward Sword takes it to a whole new
level. They aren't simple "fetch quests" or just "fillers", they are
actual quests that put you to work and reward you with goodies at the

How many times can you reply a game? Well, Ocarina of Time I've played
well over ten times, but Skyward Sword... I could replay it any day, but
at the moment I am fully satisfied with it and do not feel the need to
go ahead and replay it. But there's a TON of replay value here.

All I can say about this game, is that it defines the word masterpiece.
It takes Zelda to new heights, in every way. It can be called flawless,
meaning perfect. Ocarina of Time, sorry ol' friend, but you have finally
been beaten in what I call the award for the greatest game of all time.

Story: 10
Gameplay: 10
Graphics: 10
Music: 10
Lifetime: 10
Replay Value: 10
Overall: 11 "MASTERPIECE" My review of The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (1)

My review of The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (2024)
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