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Austin McBroom is a well-known YouTuber who rose to prominence after uploading videos of his children and family and their daily activities to the video-sharing platform. While amassing a large following that has grown to over 18 million subscribers, the 29-year-old began his career as a fine basketball player. Austin is currently preparing for his fight against Bryce Hall on Saturday night June 12, 2021.

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Early life

Allen and Michole McBroom gave birth to Austin McBroom on May 20, 1992, in Palmdale, California. He grew up with Landon, his younger brother. Austin showed an interest in sports from an early age and excelled at basketball, baseball, and soccer. However, he chose to focus on basketball because it was his favorite sport.

Austin attended Campbell High School for his high school. He had enrolled at three universities, Central Michigan University, Saint Louis University, and Eastern Washington University. He graduated with a communications major and graduated with a 3.9 GPA.

Austin McBroom career

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He had a short career in basketball during his high school and college years. Austin had a strong freshman season in Central Michigan, earning him a spot on the Mid-American Conference All-Freshman team. He then played 66 games in two seasons for the Saint Louis Billikens. In his fourth season of college basketball, he was a member of the Eastern Washington Eagles. In 2016, he set a career-high 37 points against Northern Colorado. He is the founder of The ACE Family, a YouTube channel he runs with his wife Catherine and their three young children. McBroom shared a photo of her new baby on Instagram with the caption, “Son your big sisters made me the happiest dad alive and you made my dream come true.”

The family has 19 million subscribers on YouTube. McBroom and his wife, Catherine Paiz, known as “The ACE Family,” have become two of the world’s most successful and highest-earning YouTubers. Since they began sharing their lives on the platform in 2016, the duo have amassed over 19 million subscribers and reportedly make big bucks from their videos. His father wanted him to continue in the sport and build a career in it, but he chose to become a YouTuber, which brought him great success.


Austin is said to have cheated on his wife Catherine in the COACHELLA video. The YouTuber later announced that it was a hoax. Cole Carrigan, a YouTuber, accused Austin McBroom of raping a woman on October 14, 2019. Carrigan shared a video titled The Truth About the Ace Family in which we alleged McBroom raped a woman while his father and security guard were present. These allegations were refuted by Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz.

Austin McBroom Biography

Real nameAustin McBroom
date of birthMay 20, 1992
Age (as of 2024)31 years
place of birthNorth Hollywood, California, United States
jobbasketball player
religionRoman Catholicism
sun signTaurus

Physical Statistics

heightin feet inches – 5′ 9” – in centimeters – 175 cm
Weightin kilograms – 74kg – in pounds – 163 pounds
bust size40 inches
waist size34 inches
bicep size16 inches
shoe size10 (US)
Hair colordark brown
eye colordark brown
body typeSporty

Austin McBroom family

fatherAllen McBroom
motherMichole McBroom
BrothersLandon McBroom


schoolCampbell Hall School
UniversityCentral Michigan University, Saint Louis University, Eastern Washington University

relationship status

marital statusMarried
Is he gay?no
Who is Austin McBroom’s wife?Catherine Paiz
childrenElle Lively McBroom, Steel McBroom, Alaïa Marie McBroom

favorite things

YouTube Channel Songyou are my ace
Favorite body scrubsLove and sunshine and magic
favorite Foodchicken nuggets
favorite holidayChristmas

Personal life

Austin is currently married to Catherine Paiz, she is a fitness model. They first met at a party in 2015 and then Austin asked her out. The couple have been together ever since and got engaged in August 2017. They have three children together. Elle, their first daughter, was born on May 28, 2016. They were blessed with another daughter on October 17, 2018. Her name is Alaia McBroom. The couple was recently blessed with a son.

Austin McBroom net worth

Austin is a YouTuber and has his own YouTube channel. He earns a 600k salary from his YouTube channel. As of 2021, Austin’s net worth is $3.5 million. Austin and his wife began their vlogging endeavors in 2016, and the channel has since amassed over 18 million subscribers and billions of views.

Facts About Austin McBroom

  • He finished his senior year of high school with an average of 25.1 points per game. Austin then spent a year with the Central Michigan Chippewas.
  • He then played for the state-champion Vikings alongside popular New Orleans Pelicans player Jrue Holiday.
  • During the 2013-2014 season, he led the St. Louis Billikens in 3-point throw attempts and percent.
  • After the birth of their first child in 2016, they referred to themselves as “The ACE Family”, derived from the initials of each family member – Auston, Catherine, and Elle.

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Introducing Austin McBroom: A YouTuber and Former Basketball Player

As an expert in the field of online media and entertainment, I am well acquainted with Austin McBroom and his rise to fame as a YouTuber. With over 18 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, McBroom has established himself as a prominent figure in the online video-sharing platform.

Before his career as a YouTuber, Austin McBroom had a background in basketball. He demonstrated his skills and passion for the sport from an early age, excelling in basketball, baseball, and soccer. However, he chose to focus on basketball, considering it his favorite sport.

McBroom attended Campbell High School, where he showcased his basketball talents. His skills earned him a place on the Mid-American Conference All-Freshman team during his freshman season at Central Michigan University. He continued playing for the Saint Louis Billikens for two seasons and later became a member of the Eastern Washington Eagles.

In 2016, Austin McBroom ventured into the world of YouTube, founding "The ACE Family" channel with his wife Catherine Paiz. Together, they document their daily lives and share videos of their children, creating engaging content that resonates with their massive audience. Their channel has grown exponentially, amassing over 19 million subscribers and becoming one of the most successful and highest-earning channels on YouTube.

Controversies and Personal Life

Like many public figures, Austin McBroom has faced controversies throughout his career. He was accused of cheating on his wife Catherine in a video related to the COACHELLA festival, but later revealed it to be a hoax. Additionally, McBroom faced serious accusations of sexual assault made by YouTuber Cole Carrigan. However, these allegations were refuted by both Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz.

On a personal note, Austin McBroom was born on May 20, 1992, in Palmdale, California, and grew up with his younger brother Landon. He graduated from Eastern Washington University with a communications major and an outstanding 3.9 GPA.

Austin is currently married to Catherine Paiz, a fitness model whom he met at a party in 2015. The couple got engaged in August 2017 and have since welcomed three children together. Their first daughter, Elle Lively McBroom, was born on May 28, 2016, followed by Alaïa Marie McBroom on October 17, 2018. Recently, they were blessed with a son.

Austin McBroom's Net Worth

As a successful YouTuber, Austin McBroom has generated substantial wealth through his online endeavors. He earns a salary of $600,000 from his YouTube channel alone. As of 2021, his estimated net worth is $3.5 million, which includes earnings from collaborations, brand endorsem*nts, and other business ventures.

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  • Austin McBroom's Career: His basketball career in high school and college, and his transition to becoming a YouTuber.
  • Controversies: Accusations of cheating and sexual assault, and the subsequent refutations.
  • Personal Life: McBroom's family, relationship with his wife Catherine Paiz, and their three children.
  • Austin McBroom's Net Worth: His earnings as a YouTuber and his estimated net worth.

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Austin McBroom Biography, Net worth, Wiki, Age, Height, Wife (2024)
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