65+ Gender Reveal Ideas to Celebrate the Exciting News (2024)

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One of the most exciting times of life is when you’re about to throw a gender reveal party for your friends and family. Welcoming your child and revealing the exciting news to the world is a joyous occasion that nobody would want to miss. Couples around the globe use cute and simple ideas to announce the sex of the baby while the rest indulge in their creativity and come up with unique themes. If this is the first time you’re throwing a gender reveal party, you’re in for a treat since we have got you covered with some very interesting gender reveal ideas.

Who Throws a Gender Reveal Party?

It depends. The sonographer is the first point of contact for learning about the gender of the baby. If the parents learn about the gender of the baby first, they can throw a party. Otherwise, their friends or family can know the baby’s gender and organize the event to reveal to the parents.

Best Time to Throw the Gender Reveal Party

You can plan the party just a few weeks later from the day of your ultrasound appointment. Some moms choose to throw the party alongside their baby showers which are right after the third trimester of pregnancy.

Who All Should Make It to the Guest List?

Gender reveal parties aren’t formal events. They’re meant to be celebrated with the people who are close to you. With this in mind, friends and family members are the ones who should make it to the guest list. Your co-workers and business associates won’t be attending this party unless you’re throwing it alongside your baby shower. You can also invite your extended family members if you want.

Fun Gender Reveal Ideas to Make the Big Announcement

There are many ways you can make the big announcement on the day. From cutting open cakes to lighting up candles, popping balloons or simply setting up the stage, we’ve explored a variety of gender reveal ideas for your convenience. Read on below.

Gender Reveal Ideas for Husbands

65+ Gender Reveal Ideas to Celebrate the Exciting News (1)

Surprising your husband with acute gender reveal shirtor adorable gifts makes the mother in your light up with joy. If you’ve been scouring for gender reveal ideas for your husband, here are our top suggestions:

1. Pick a Ball

Pick a ball below and play your husband’s favourite game. The minute he strikes it with his baseball bat in the field, it will reveal the baby’s gender. There is also a gender reveal with basketballs or footballs, just in case your husband likes other sports.

2. Gender Reveal Darts

Gender Reveal darts involve popping the balloons by throwing your darts. Keep family members and friends on the edge of the seats in anticipation for the finale. The final balloon that pops will reveal the gender and the parent who pops it wins the game!

3. Gifting Matching T-shirts

An upcoming trend in the gender reveals, the game is to present your loved ones with matching T-shirts. If the baby’s a girl, you can give the dad a T-shirt with Daddy printed on it with the onesie for the baby being ‘Daddy’s girl’ and so on. You get the idea.

4. Scavenger Hunt

What man doesn’t love a good hunt? Give him the thrill of adventure by setting clues and hints around the neighbourhood/city. Once he’s gone on the scavenger hunt, it will lead him to his final destination on the map where the present will reveal the gender of the baby.

5. Launch a Gender Reveal Canon

There are safe, non-toxic food-grade canons available online for revealing the gender of your baby. You can give these to your husband and launch them during your baby shower. It will be a big surprise!

6. Fireside Reveal

Whether you are snuggling with your hubby outside in nature or spending precious moments by the campfire, you can add this powder to the logs. When the flames light up, it reveals the gender of the baby through the color. Simply spectacular and beautiful.

7. Make a Meal

Make a meal for your husband using the colors pink or blue. The theme will definitely reveal the gender of the baby and as a bonus, he will appreciate your cooking skills too! It’s a win-win.

8. Gender Reveal Pizza

If your husband loves to order takeaway a lot, eat pizza, or literally eat anything from a box – you can take advantage of this opportunity to reveal to him the gender of your baby. You can ask the baker or artisan to decorate the top of the pizza with ‘Girl’ or ‘Boy’ bacon bits or any food ingredients chopped up to form those letters for the surprise.

9. Baby Reveal Boxes

If your husband is into self-care routines, loves reading books or simply enjoys getting presents, you can find many baby reveal boxes online. These are sold as subscription packs for loved ones and contain an assortment of gifts that revolve around the baby’s gender theme.

10. Add a Pink Bow or Blue Bowtie to Your Ultrasound Scan

When you receive news from your sonographer, you can take the scan and go to a print store. Blow up the image and seal it in an envelope. Add a blue bowtie or pink bow and send it to the mailing address of your home to surprise your husband.

Gender Reveal Ideas With a Sibling

65+ Gender Reveal Ideas to Celebrate the Exciting News (2)

There are many funbaby reveal ideasfor siblings. If you’d like to let your little one know that he/she is getting a younger brother or sister soon, there are a few ways you could go about breaking the news. Here is our list of ideas:

1. Gender Reveal Maternity Print

Throw a surprise for your child by letting them know who is arriving soon. Get non-toxic paint and wear a white maternity dress for the big day. Have them dip their hands into the paint and print it on the dress by pressing gently on it. They’ll see the colors and learn immediately if it’s a boy or girl, on the dress.

2. Gender Reveal Golfing

If your kid is into golfing, plant a surprise in the field by mixing in a gender reveal golf ball. These will explode the minute they strike it and burst in the air. The powder released will reveal pink or blue.

3. Gender Reveal Sibling Tees

Your older child can walk into the party and make an announcement to guests by wearing a tee. The tee should say “I’m getting a baby brother/sister” and the print should be big and bold.

4. Family Photo For Revealing the Gender

Get a photoshoot and have the whole family get framed in the picture. Add hints or minute details like blue ribbons or pink balloons in the background to hint at the gender.

5. Gender Reveal Volcano

A little bit of playdough, water bottle, food coloring, vinegar and baking soda is enough to create magic. Make a volcanousing these materials and let the kids unfold the surprise by pouring in the vinegar at the end to erupt.

6. Pink And Blue Balloons

If you have more than two kids in the house, you can line them up and give each one a balloon that corresponds to their age and gender. Tie a pink or blue balloon near a chair for the last one and snap a photo of the siblings (with the balloon indicating the expected one).

7. Gender Reveal Pinata

If you’re looking for creative ideas for gender reveals, you don’t have to scratch your head for too long. Get a pinata and fill it up with blue or red confetti. Give the kids a bat and tell them to break it.

8. Gender Reveal Lightsabers

Turn your home into a Star Wars battleground by giving your kids a bunch of gender-reveal LED lightsabers. These light up blue or pink based on your preferences.

9. Gender Reveal Pokeball

If your kids love Pokemon, you can gift them a gender reveal Pokeball. Ask them to throw it on the ground and watch how it explodes and releases blue or pink dust.

10. Gender Reveal Eggs

You can get a gender reveal eggs online that light up into color when they’re heated. It’s a delicious way to let the kids learn how to cook while learning about their new family member at the same time.

Gender Reveal Ideas for Guests

65+ Gender Reveal Ideas to Celebrate the Exciting News (3)

You definitely want to wow your guests on the big day. There are many genders reveal ideas you can try out to surprise them. Here are our top picks.

1. Spray Holi Powder

Holi powder has been used by Hindus traditionally to celebrate ‘Holi’ which is a national festival. You can sprinkle holi powder in the air in front of your guests to reveal the baby’s gender. Go with the colors blue or pink, simple.

2. Splash Paint

If you’d like an exciting way to reveal your baby’s gender, tell your guests to come to the party dressed in whites. Give everyone non-toxic paint and ask them to splash it on each other to the count of three. The colors will reveal the story.

3. Dress Up For It

If you’re planning to do the big reveal with your husband, it’s appropriate that you dress up for the occasion. Husbands prefer holding pink balloons in their hands while the wife dresses up in a pink sweater for revealing the baby bump. Go with blue if it’s a boy.

4. The Lollipop Reveal

You can decorate the insides of lollipops with food-coloring and hand them over to guests. At the party, when they lick into the lollipops, the colors inside will tell them if it’s a boy or girl. What a surprise!

5. Gender Reveal Drinks

You can make mocktails or party beverages with the colors blue or pink. Your guests will know if it’s a boy or girl just by looking at their glasses.

6. Gender Reveal Jewellery

If you’re planning to walk up on stage and make an announcement as the mom, you can wear jewellery that reflects the gender of your baby. Go with a blue or pink theme for your ensembles.

7. Gender Reveal Cake

The cake you’re crafting for the baby shower – remember that? You can turn it into agender reveal cakeor simply order a new cake for the big day. Ask your baker to help you out with this.

8. Gender Reveal Fortune Cookies

Everybody loves fortune cookies and your guests will definitely love them too. Give them a few on the day and decorate with blue and pink icing. Breaking the cookie open will reveal the gender on the slip.

9. Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Bake cupcakes for the big day and serve it up to your guests. Decorate them with blue or red icing and let your guests enjoy the treat.

10. Gender Reveal Smoke Bomb

If you enjoy thrilling surprises, then your guests will love this. Have someone throw a blue or pink smoke bomb in the crowd during the gathering. The colors will tell.

Twin Babies’ Gender Reveal Ideas

65+ Gender Reveal Ideas to Celebrate the Exciting News (4)

Twins are double the fun and if you’re having them, then you have to make the gender reveal extra creative. The sky is the limit here but we’ve gone beyond that. Here are twin babies gender reveal ideas for you.

1. Twin Birthday Cakes for a Gender Reveal

If you’re looking for gender reveal box ideas, you can make the most of it by packing birthday cakes. That’s right – you can get two cakes and label them as Baby A and Baby B on the front of the boxes.

2. Gender Reveal Smoke Canons

If you’re throwing a huge party and have many guests, you can wow them by blasting twin gender reveal smoke canons. You can get these in a pair of red and blue.

3. Gender Reveal Playdough

For families who enjoy a good game, you can gift Gender Reveal playdough to your loved ones. These change into a red or blue color when played with. Give two of these to everyone and let them guess.

4. Double Up the Balloons

You can get blue and pink balloons in pairs and set them up to reveal the gender. You can pack these in boxes and label them as Baby A and Baby B. Open them up on the day and reveal the surprise! It also makes for one of the most unique gender reveal theme ideas.

5. Family Pet Photos

If you’re planning to give the news on your social media accounts and you have pets, you can pose with them for a photo. Just make sure they wear a blue or pink ribbon and get framed well since it’s among the top creativegender reveal picture ideas.

6. Color Dye for Hair

This is a good idea for a photoshoot. Color the bottom layer of your hair (as the mom) in shades of blue and pink. Lift it up to do the gender reveal during the photoshoot or the event.

7. Gender Reveal Scratchcards

This idea is for those who live far away. Make custom scratchcards that reveal twins on them when scratched on. Mail them to loved ones.

8. Wear Twin T-Shirts

You and your husband can wear T-shirts printed “Expecting Twins” on the front and attend parties. It’ll make the message clear.

9. Stack Up Letters

If you want to tell your kids the exciting news that twins are coming, you can get letter blocks and stack them out on the table to spell ‘Twins’ and let them see that when they wake up or pass by.

10. Paint It Out

If you’re an artist, you can paint pictures of twin babies and print them on envelopes. Send them to anyone you’re inviting for the day to let them know you’re expecting twins.

Virtual/Digital Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender reveals have become a popular way for expectant parents to share the exciting news of their baby’s gender with friends and family. While traditional gender reveal parties often involve colored balloons, cakes, or confetti, virtual or digital gender reveals have gained popularity in recent years, especially due to the convenience and accessibility of online platforms. If you’re looking for creative and engaging ideas for a virtual or digital gender reveal, here are four fun options to consider:

1. Virtual Scavenger Hunt (QR Code Edition)

Create a digital scavenger hunt with clues and QR codes leading participants to various virtual destinations or videos that ultimately reveal the baby’s gender. Make it more exciting by including trivia questions about the parents, pregnancy, or baby names.

2. Animated Reveal Video

Craft an animated video with engaging graphics and sound effects that dramatically unveil the baby’s gender. Share this video during a virtual gathering with family and friends for an entertaining and visually appealing announcement.

3. Online Trivia Game Show

Host a gender reveal-themed online trivia game show using platforms like Zoom or a dedicated quiz app. Participants can compete individually or in teams, answering gender-related questions with the reveal saved for the final round as a surprise twist.

4. Interactive Polls and Social Media Live Stream

Set up a live stream on a popular social media platform, and engage your audience with interactive polls. Ask questions related to gender predictions and baby names, with the final poll revealing the baby’s gender in real time as participants vote.

Cool and Unique Ideas to Reveal Baby’s Gender

Revealing your baby’s gender is an exciting and memorable moment for expecting parents. If you’re looking to step away from the more common gender reveal methods and want some unique gender reveal ideas, there are plenty of creative ways to make this special announcement. Here are four cool gender reveal ideas that will leave a lasting impression:

1. Paintball Gender Reveal

Host a friendly paintball battle with participants shooting at a canvas, where hidden within the paintballs are either pink or blue paint. When the canvas gets covered in one color, the gender is revealed in an exciting and colorful way.

2. Gender Reveal Puzzle

Design a custom jigsaw puzzle with an image that hints at the baby’s gender. Invite friends and family to solve the puzzle together during a virtual gathering, with the gender-revealing image being the final piece.

3. Treasure Hunt With Color Coded Clues

Organize a treasure hunt with a series of color-coded clues leading participants to different spots, each related to the baby’s gender. The final clue or location could contain a reveal, like blue or pink balloons, confetti, or a surprise message.

4. Balloon Pop Confetti

Inside a large, opaque balloon, place pink or blue confetti along with regular confetti of another color. During the reveal moment, pop the balloon to shower everyone with the baby’s gender in a delightful and unexpected way.

Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender reveals are a special moment for expectant parents to share their baby’s gender with loved ones. If you’re seeking creative and memorable ways to make this announcement, here are six ideas that go beyond the traditional methods, adding an extra dose of fun and uniqueness to the occasion:

1. Mystery Box With Helium Balloons

Place a bunch of helium-filled balloons in a large, opaque box. Choose balloons in the color that represents the baby’s gender. When you open the box, the balloons will float out, revealing the gender to everyone in a whimsical way.

2. Message in a Bottle

Write a heartfelt message about the baby’s gender and place it in a sealed bottle. Submerge the bottle in a container of colored water that corresponds to the gender, like pink or blue. When you retrieve the bottle during the reveal, the message will be surrounded by the colored water.

3. Confetti Cannons

Hand out confetti cannons to friends and family, making sure they have the appropriate color (pink or blue) based on their gender predictions. When it’s time to reveal, have everyone simultaneously shoot their cannons, creating an explosive and colorful celebration.

4. Fortune Cookies

Order custom fortune cookies with gender-related messages inside. Hand these out to guests and encourage them to crack open their cookies to unveil the baby’s gender as they read the message.

5. Gender Reveal Riddle

Create a riddle that hints at the baby’s gender, and share it with your guests during a virtual gathering or in person. Make the riddle intriguing and fun to solve, with the answer revealing the gender when it’s cracked.

6. Color-Changing Drinks

Prepare two sets of drink options, such as lemonade or clear soda. One set should be infused with a natural, tasteless color-changing ingredient that will react to a specific pH level. For example, butterfly pea flower tea can turn from blue to pink with a change in pH. Serve both sets to your guests and ask them to choose a drink. As they start to sip, the color of their beverage will slowly transform, revealing the baby’s gender in a surprising and magical way.

Gender Reveal Ideas That Are Cute

Gender reveals are a heartwarming way to celebrate the impending arrival of a new family member, and if you’re looking for ideas that are not only special but also undeniably cute, you’re in the right place. Here are four cute gender reveal ideas that will add an extra dose of sweetness to this joyous occasion:

1. Baby Booties in a Box

Place a pair of baby booties in a decorated box, one in pink and one in blue. Keep the booties hidden until the moment of the reveal. Open the box in front of your loved ones to unveil the tiny footwear, symbolizing the baby’s gender. It’s an adorable and heartwarming way to share the news.

2. Gender Reveal Cake Pops

Bake or order cake pops with a plain exterior, but a colored (pink or blue) interior that represents the baby’s gender. When guests bite into the cake pops, they’ll discover the sweet surprise inside.

3. Baby Onesie Decorating

Provide guests with plain white baby onesies and an array of fabric markers, paint, or iron-on patches in pink and blue. Have them decorate the onesies with their gender guesses and creative designs. Then, reveal the baby’s gender by showing off a onesie featuring the chosen color.

4. Stuffed Animal Gender Reveal

Purchase a stuffed animal, such as a teddy bear or bunny, in a gender-neutral color. Inside the stuffed animal, sew a small pocket containing a note or a piece of fabric in either pink or blue. During the reveal, have a loved one or child pull out the item to announce the baby’s gender in an adorable and cuddly way.

Cheap Gender Reveal Ideas

Celebrating your baby’s gender doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re looking for cost-effective ways to reveal your baby’s gender while still creating a memorable and fun experience, consider these five affordable ideas that won’t strain your budget:

1. Gender Reveal Balloon Pop

Purchase a single, large black balloon and fill it with pink or blue confetti. Use a hand pump to inflate the balloon, and then invite friends and family to pop it, revealing the baby’s gender with a burst of colorful confetti.

2. Chalk Reveal

If you have access to a chalkboard or a large piece of paper, use colored chalk to write a gender-reveal message or draw an image that hints at the baby’s gender. Share the reveal during a video call or in person by simply unveiling the chalked message.

3. Silly String Showdown

Purchase cans of blue or pink silly string (or make your own by using food coloring). Hand one can to each guest, and at the designated moment, have everyone spray their silly string in the air. The color that emerges will reveal the baby’s gender in a lighthearted and budget-friendly way.

4. Confetti Eggs

Fill hollowed-out eggshells with pink or blue confetti, and seal them with a small piece of tissue paper. Have guests choose an egg and crack it open to release the confetti and reveal the baby’s gender in an exciting and affordable way.

5. Bubbles Reveal

Provide guests with small bottles of bubbles, some filled with a pink solution and others with a blue solution, according to the baby’s gender. As you’re ready to reveal, instruct everyone to blow bubbles simultaneously. The color of the bubbles floating through the air will unveil the baby’s gender in a charming and inexpensive way.

Gender Reveal Ideas Around Christmas

Combining the joy of a gender reveal with the festive spirit of Christmas can create a heartwarming and memorable celebration for expectant parents and their loved ones. If you’re expecting a bundle of joy around the holiday season, here are three creative Christmas gender reveal ideas that incorporate the magic of Christmas:

1. Ornament Reveal

Purchase or make a set of clear, fillable Christmas ornaments. Fill half of them with pink or blue confetti (according to the baby’s gender) and keep the other half empty. Invite guests to choose an ornament and hang it on the Christmas tree. As everyone hangs their ornaments, the gender will be revealed once they see the color inside.

2. Gift Box Under the Tree

Place a large gift-wrapped box under the Christmas tree, but don’t reveal what’s inside. As part of your holiday gift exchange, have one family member open the box to unveil a set of helium-filled balloons in the appropriate gender color. The balloons will float out to announce the baby’s gender in a delightful way.

3. Gender Reveal Stockings

Hang gender-neutral stockings on the mantel and have family members stuff them with small gender-related items, like a tiny pink or blue rattle, onesies, or booties. At a designated moment, everyone can reach into their stockings to discover the baby’s gender in an intimate and heartwarming manner.

Gender Reveal Ideas Around Halloween

Combining the enchantment of Halloween with the excitement of a gender reveal can result in a fun and memorable celebration for expectant parents and their friends and family. If your due date falls around Halloween and you want to add a spooky twist to your gender reveal, here are two creative Halloweengender reveal ideas to consider:

1. Pumpkin Carving Surprise

Gather friends and family for a pumpkin carving session. However, rather than carving faces or designs, provide stencils for “Boy” and “Girl” on separate pumpkins. Everyone can carve their chosen pumpkin, revealing the baby’s gender when they light up the candles inside. This spooky yet delightful approach adds a unique twist to your Halloween-themed gender reveal.

2. Haunted House Mystery

Host a Halloween-themed party at a “haunted house” where various rooms feature spooky decorations and activities. In one room, set up a gender reveal station with colored smoke machines or hidden colored lights. At a designated moment, lead guests to the room to witness the eerie ambience suddenly shift to the revealing color, announcing the baby’s gender in a thrilling way.


1. Is It Necessary to Bring a Gift to a Gender Reveal Party?

It’s not necessary to bring a gift to a gender reveal party, but if you’d like to bring a gift, it’s a thoughtful gesture. Gifts are not typically expected at gender reveal parties as they are more about celebrating and sharing the baby’s gender.

2. Are Gender Reveal Parties Harmful?

Gender reveal parties themselves are not inherently harmful. However, it’s important to be considerate of the potential environmental impact (e.g., from balloons or confetti) and to ensure that the focus remains on celebrating the baby’s gender rather than reinforcing gender stereotypes. Additionally, some individuals may find them exclusionary or overly elaborate, so it’s important to be mindful of the preferences and feelings of all guests.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of gender reveal party ideas. These are some of the best we’ve got for you and hopefully, you can customize or tweak them to acquire a personal touch. Good luck and congratulations on the baby!

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