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If you’re struggling to figure out a theme for your big little reveal, these are the perfect ideas for you! All of these big little reveal ideas are super cute and easy!

15 Absolute Cutest Big Little Reveal Ideas Trending Right Now - Simply Life By Bri (1)

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Trying to figure out a theme for big little reveal is way harder than it seems. Don’t worry though, I’ve got all the best ideas for you for decorations, clothes, and themes to make your reveal absolutely perfect.

This post is all about big little reveal ideas!

What to do for a big little reveal?

Big little reveals for sororities are such cute ways to welcome new littles into the family! There are so many fun ways to do these reveals:

  • bigs hiding in a box
  • bigs holding a poster
  • bigs standing behind a blanket
  • matching outfits

Regardless of what your sorority usually does or what you choose to do, it is for sure going to be such a cute way to welcome your little and get really cute photos. Here’s a whole bunch of ideas for whatever you end up doing for your big little reveal!

Big little reveal ideas

you are the little of my dreams

This is such a cute big little reveal idea if you want to dress super comfy! All you need is cute pajama sets and eye masks with big and little written on them.

I’m beary excited that you’re my little

For a cute bear theme, you can wear little bear ears and coordinate your clothes to be different shades of brown. Super easy and makes for such a cute reveal idea.

You are my slam dunk

If basketball is big at your school, this is the perfect theme. You can wear custom jerseys with big and little on them and have a foam finger to make it even cuter.

match made in heaven

Both of you can dress as angels and use this phrase for a cute and easy white theme. This one is pretty easy to put together because everyone has white clothes to wear.

Gimme gimme gimme

I love love love this Mamma Mia theme for big little reveal ideas. This is so cute and a really original idea!

A hot new little has entered the fam

If you and/or your little likes Love Island, this is the perfect theme for your big little reveal. For clothes, you can wear white tops with big and little on them and cute flower leis.

You got good jeans

I am loving all the denim themes for sorority recruitment and big little reveal ideas This is so easy because everyone has jeans and jean jackets so no one has to buy anything!

My little is so fetch

For another cute movie theme, you can base your big little reveal idea on Mean Girls. These iconic letters make for such a cute decoration for a box or poster.

hugs and kisses for my little

I haven’t seen this idea much but I’m obsessed with it! Wear a silver skirt, white shirt, and a ribbon in your hair and you have the perfect Hershey Kiss theme.

My little munchkins

For schools near a bunch of Dunkins, I love this theme idea. Everything is themed in a cute pink and orange color, which makes for great pictures. You can also buy them some munchkins if you want to be really extra.

Big news, you’re my little

The newspaper idea is such a cute one for big little reveal! These pictures are so so cute and the outfit looks super unique.

I love my little berry much

A fun berry theme makes for the perfect big little reveal. You can dress in white tennis skirts, red shirts, and a green headband for the perfect berry-themed outfit. These posters are super cute.

you’re the cherry on top

Sticking with the fruit theme, cherries are also another great one. The shirts with cherries on them have definitely been trending for sorority merch, so this is such a perfect theme.

I’m fairy excited to be your big

If you all want to look really cute, this fairy theme is perfect. You can never look bad with these pretty dresses, fairy wings, and flower crowns.

On cloud 9 with my littles

A Cloud 9 theme is super cute when decorating a box. You can use cotton balls to make the clouds stick out on the box. For clothes, you just need to wear all white which is super simple.

This post was all about big little reveal ideas!

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This article is about big little reveal ideas for sororities. It suggests various themes and outfits that can be used to welcome new members into the sorority family. Some of the themes mentioned include pajama sets and eye masks, bear theme, basketball theme, angel theme, Mamma Mia theme, Love Island theme, denim theme, Mean Girls theme, Hershey Kiss theme, Dunkin' Donuts theme, newspaper theme, berry theme, cherry theme, fairy theme, and Cloud 9 theme.

The article suggests coordinating outfits and decorations based on these themes to create a memorable and cute big little reveal. Some ideas include wearing matching custom jerseys, using foam fingers, dressing as angels, wearing white clothes, using Mamma Mia decorations, wearing white tops with flower leis, wearing denim outfits, using Mean Girls letters for decorations, wearing silver skirts and ribbons for a Hershey Kiss theme, dressing in pink and orange for a Dunkin' Donuts theme, using newspaper-themed decorations, wearing tennis skirts and headbands for a berry theme, wearing shirts with cherries on them, dressing as fairies with pretty dresses, wings, and flower crowns, and creating cloud-themed decorations using cotton balls.

These ideas can help make the big little reveal event special and create great photo opportunities. Remember to consider the preferences and interests of your sorority and littles when choosing a theme.

15 Absolute Cutest Big Little Reveal Ideas Trending Right Now - Simply Life By Bri (2024)
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